NYCC: Green Lantern Panel

DC Comics held it Green Lantern panel at New York Comic Con Saturday evening, with Rudolfo Migliari, Editor Adam Schlagman, Chief Creative Officer and "Green Lantern" writer Geoff Johns, "Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors" writer Peter Tomasi, Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, "Green Lantern Corps" writer Tony Bedard, and editor Eddie Berganza on hand for the discussion.

Bedard began by saying that Tyler Kirkham and inker Bat will be coming on for the next "GLC" arc, which will introduce the Weaponer that created Sinestro's first yellow ring.

Reis spoke about working on "Brightest Day" #14, and walked from his spot at the table to the center of the table to wave to his mother. Prado added that "we are working on a sequence with Deadman in Gotham City."

Tomasi said "Green Lantern :Emerald Warriors" would feature revelations about Sodam Yat and "the seeds that we've planted will start to show themselves." Migliari, who paints the covers, said he is done with the first six and working on #7 now. "I'm starting to love Guy Gardner," he said.

A fan dressed as Larfleeze was in the audience, and Johns again mentioned his "Larfleeze Christmas Special." "There's a fun bit with Glomulous's little man-bag, he's looking for a Christmas present for Larfleeze-he's being chased around a mall and stuff."

Berganza then opened the floor to questions. "Saint Walker will appear in the next issue. You will also find out what the Indigo Tribe did to Black Hand-it's not very nice," Johns said in response to a question. "You will be very surprised" by something that happens with Kilowog.

The villains in the first season of "Green Lantern" Animated will be the Red Lanterns with Atrocitus. The first issue of a new Lantern-centric comic series is already written, Johns said, reiterating an announcement made earlier in the day that another Corps would get a title.

A fan asked whether the emotional entities will continue to be a part of the DCU after "Brightest Day." "Depends on how the story turns out," Johns said.

Johns explained that "if [Black Hand] dies now, we're all screwed," because he is the entity of death and Nekron could walk through.

A fan said, "I think I speak for everybody when I say Larfleeze needs his own comic book series," to much applause. He asked about a Dex-Starr/Krypto matchup, with Johns directing him to the Valentine's special.

The next question asked the panelists which Corps they'd choose. Johns said, "Green, but I'd probably hang out with Larfleeze. Bedard took Blue, Tomasi and Migliari took Red, with the artist saying "it's more fun to be mad!"

After praising the panelists, a fan asked "where you're going to take John Stewart." "Somebody once pointed out to me that John needs to get some action," Bedard said. He then added that "there's a lot of the character that's untapped"-an unintended pun that was interrupted by laughter. He continued by saying he's interested in giving John more of a spotlight.

There are plans for Earth-based members of the other corps, Johns confirmed. He also said once again the "Green Lantern" film trailer would debut with "Harry Potter."

"There will be changes within the Star Saphires now that Carol [Ferris] is queen," Johns said in response to a question about such changes (the fan had suggested "more practical outfits.")

A fan said "please don't make Granny Goodness a Star Saphire," and asked about Dex-Star's quest for revenge (it's coming) and "are there going to be any more Guardians after this?" "That's a very good question," Johns said.

The next question for Johns was, "what does Larfleeze sound like in your head?" "A lot like Daffy Duck," Johns said.

A fan asked about Johns' take on Mark Strong as Sinestro in the film. "After the makeup test, Mark asked me, 'well what do you think?' 'I think you're Sinestro,'" Johns said. Sinestro's first name, Thal, was developed in conjunction with putting the movie together, Johns said to a follow-up question.

Next, Johns said that there would be "a huge fight between Hal and Kyle" following the conclusion of "Brightest Day."

There was criticism about how big "Blackest Night" became in comparison to "Sinestro Corps War." "'Blackest Night' was originally just going to be in Green Lantern books, but it became bigger because it affected the whole DC universe," Johns said. He added that fans should just buy what they like rather than trying to get everything, and that spinoffs happen when there's a story to be told. Further, "if you just want to read 'Brightest Day,' you'll get that complete story," but readers can follow characters they like into the other titles under the banner.

A fan asked about when the "War of Colors" might be coming. "The War of Green Lanterns is coming, we'll see that first," Johns said.

"Green Lantern: Emerald Knights" will be another animated feature in June. "You're going to see tons and tons of Green Lanterns in that one."

Fan: "Is there a new project for you and Ethan Van Sciver?" Johns: "Maybe."

The fan dressed as Larfleeze asked Johns "What is your most prized comic possession?" Johns replied, "'Green Lantern' #39, the first appearance of you." Larfleeze began to steal the mic as he walked away before generously returning it.

Reis was asked about his pop culture inspirations. "Everything is an inspiration to my work-comics, movies. I love the old black and white comics." Then, "hi mom!" Prado added that his biggest inspiration was "the characters themselves," with Tomasi concurring and talking about the need to "add to the mythology" and honor what's gone before. Bedard, already smiling when he took the mic, joked, "I'm usually inspired by Marvel Comics-whenever I'm stuck for an idea, I pull out an old issue of 'Quasar,' change the names, use some of the scenes."

A fan asked about the possibility of "Green Lantern: Earth One," and complained about too many Batman books. "That Batman book is being written by Geoff," Berganza said, causing the fan to backpedal. "I'm doing 'Secret Origin 2', the fall of Sinestro, with Ivan, so that's coming," in a seeming non-sequitur.

The characters from "Green Lantern: New Corps," a miniseries during Kyle Rayner's time as solo Green Lantern, will not be revisited at this time, Bedard said when asked about these characters.

Asked how DC decided which characters would be revived for "Brightest Day," Johns said, "We had meetings for a year about that," and the final list were all characters with a story to tell.

"At some point we'll do Green Lantern/Green Arrow, probably sooner than later," Johns said when asked about such a crossover.

Asked about the last time Hal charged his ring ("it seems to be double-digit issues now"), Johns said, "He charges it between every single issue."

The next question was about making sure the series was accessible for new readers. Tomasi noted that the current state of comics storytelling makes it difficult to have every issue new reader friendly, but "You can go to every comic store, book store, and get the whole thing-it's right at your fingertips." Digital makes this even easier, he said. "You go on your iPad, you can get 'Secret Origins,' it's right there."

The map of which powers cancel or feed each other "grew organically," Johns said, and the system took some time to sort out. The panel ended with Johns throwing rings onto the runway, which fans leapt to retrieve, One was thrown directly into this reporter's lap.

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