NYCC: Frank Miller Reveals He's Working on New "Sin City" Story

After working on films like "Sin City" and "The Spirit," comics legend Frank Miller is back in the medium that made him famous in a very big way with "Dark Knight III: The Master Race," DC Comics' follow-up to his seminal "The Dark Knight Returns" and its 2001-2002 sequel "The Dark Knight Strikes Again." But he's not stopping there.

During a press event Friday at New York Comic Con, CBR News asked Miller if he plans on continuing to work in comics after "Dark Knight III" -- and the answer was yes, and he already has the project lined up: a "'Sin City' love story set in the backdrop of World War II." Dark Horse Comics, who has published "Sin City" since it debuted in 1991, declined comment when reached by CBR News.

Though Miller isn't drawing the interiors of the "Dark Knight III" main story -- Andy Kubert is handling those duties, though Miller has drawn an Atom minicomic that will be bundled with the first issue -- it seems definitely possible he'll draw the new "Sin City" story. He's written and drawn each previous "Sin City" arc ("yarn" in "Sin City" parlance), and Klaus Janson told reporters during the press event that Miller is still drawing every day.

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