NYCC EXCLUSIVE: Valiant Debuts All-New Shadowman Design in "Ninjak" #10

When "Operation: Deadside" arrives in December's "Ninjak" #10, not only will writer Matt Kindt and artist Doug Braithwaite send the title hero on one of the most dangerous missions he's ever undertaken, they'll also be reintroducing Shadowman to Valiant Entertainment's shared universe.

CBR News has your exclusive first look at Clayton Henry's new Shadowman design, as well as several of Braithwaite's penciled pages from the first chapter.

"Operation: Deadside is the first installment of an epic plan for Shadowman that we've been crafting behind the scenes for more than a year, and Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite have built one hell of a story to do it justice," Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce said in a statement. "But it isn't a horror story per se. In the vein of the best sci-fi action blockbusters like Aliens and The Abyss, Operation: Deadside is an intense tale of humans pushed to the limits against an unimaginable foe at the edge of existence itself."

"Operation Deadside" starts Dec. 9 in "Ninjak" #10, featuring a series of glow-in-the-dark covers by Doug Braithwaite, Tom Muller and Trevor Hairsine.

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