NYCC EXCLUSIVE: Mark Waid Joins Dynamite's Mystery Event

On Monday, Dynamite Entertainment began hinting at what it says is a major event for early 2014 with the release of a teaser consisting of Greg Pak's name, the word WHAT and the phrase "The Terrors Return..." The following teasers included an image with Fred Van Lente's name sharing the spotlight with the word IS and the phrase "The Future Fights Back..." and Frank Barbiere's name alongside the word THE and the cautionary warning "The Power Consumes..."

Today, CBR has the exclusive reveal of the final teaser with perhaps the biggest name so far. Eisner Award winner Mark Waid is announced, along with the final word KEY, completing the phrase begun on the first image. And, like the rest, Waid's name is accompanied by its own cryptic phrase: "The Nightmares Are Real..."

Check back with CBR tomorrow for the actual announcement of the event from New York Comic Con!

The Nightmares Are Real...

Dynamite proudly provides the fourth teaser for a spectacular
new comics event slated for early 2014.

The final revelation will arrive on Friday, October 11th.

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