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NYCC: Dynamite Unveils New Books from Remender, Seeley, Fialkov & More

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NYCC: Dynamite Unveils New Books from Remender, Seeley, Fialkov & More

A vast horde of Dynamite Entertainment creators descended upon New York Comic Con Sunday afternoon, all eager — and in one case, a little too eager — to talk about their current and future projects. The star-studded panel officially confirmed and shed more light on a number of new projects Dynamite began announcing prior to and during the convention.

Writer Tim Seeley’s current volume of “Hack/Slash” from Image Comics will be ending, but Cassie Hack’s story will continue with Dynamite’s in-continuity crossover with Army of Darkness. For years, said Seeley, the number one question he was asked at conventions was “When would Cassie fight Ash?” In the upcoming six-issue miniseries, instead of fighting, the horror icons must team up to recover six stolen pages of the Necronomicon. “She hates him,” said Seeley, “but they have to work together.” While most inter-company crossovers take place out of continuity, this miniseries follows the Image series directly and will be a part of “Hack/Slash” continuity.

Later in the panel, a fan asked about the possibility of a crossover with another Dynamite series, “Vampirella.” Seeley was enthusiastic about the idea, saying, “I want to see a a classic painted Warren-style cover, with Cassie and Vampirella making out.” However, no such book is currently in the works.

The panel then shifted to an original series, “Devolution” from writer Rick Remender” and artist Paul Renaud”. “Devolution” takes place in a world where the U.S. has been at perpetual war with the Middle East and the rising body count made the public increasingly alarmed. “Instead of killing people, they found a way to devolve them into neanderthals. Something goes awry and things start devolving all over the world; not just devolving but also mutating,” Remender said. A group of soldiers who have been immunized against the devolution agent go in search of the antidote. As they travel, we get to see how the world has changed. What would a city look like, if everyone had devolved into neanderthals?” “Devolution” will provide those answers when it debuts next year.

Andy Lanning is writing a new “Battlestar Galactica” title set in classic continuity and picks up 33 years after the 1980 “Galactica” series, landing it in our present day. “It’s the world set in an alternate reality where aliens have been sharing their tech,” Lanning explained. “If you think about how much the world has changed since 1980, think how different it would be if we had alien tech. Also, in the 33 years since the Galactica arrived in the solar system, no one has heard from the Cylons and they’re starting to get a bit complacent.

Matt Sturges is working on a “Damsels” sequel. “It will have mermaids. It will probably have pirates! It will have Sharks, a kraken… and possibly the Loch Ness Monster!” Sturges said.

“Flash” co-writer Brian Buccellato is writing an updated version of the “Black Bat,” a pulp character with a mask and a gun. “It’s not Batman, it’s not Daredevil. It’s something different and you’re gonna love it!” Buccellato told the crowd.

Fred Van Lente is doing an as-yet untitled zombie project with comedic elements. While most zombie stories usually show the beginning of the zombie plague and follow its aftermath via a band of plucky survivors, Van Lente’s project portrays the titanic series of screw-ups that get us from point A to point B. When a group of people realize that the zombie plague is suspiciously similar to the plot of an obscure grindhouse horror film, they venture forth to find a surviving print. “Will internet know-it-alls save the world, or will they be horribly slaughtered in amusing ways?” the writer said. “I can’t wait.”

Joshua Hale Fialkov will write “Devilers,” in which Hell invades the Earth, starting at the Vatican. One of the last exorcists puts together a team to make a stand at the gates of Hell. “It’s gonna be a badass awesome rock and roll time,” said Fialkov of the title.

Peter V. Brett is expanding “Red Sonja: Blue,” which was originally released earlier this year as a one-shot. The writer discovered there is more he wants to do and Dynamite is rewarding him with a new “Red Sonja: Blue” 4-issue miniseries. “She’s lost her trademark chain mail bikini, and wears the blue fur she briefly wore years ago. She finds that much of her reputation revolved around the metal bikini, and while she finds it liberating to be free of it, no one fears her,” Brett explained. “The book will be full of ’70s and ’80 Easter Eggs for the hardcore fans, but will be easily accessible to new readers.”

Jesse Blaze Snider came to the panel prepared to push his new “Evil Ernie” book. “Who read ‘Evil Ernie’ #1?” he asked. “It came out Wednesday!” Pulling out his smartphone, he began to read some of the positive reviews the book had received. “We’ve been working on this book as if we had a chance to win an Eisner, even though we probably don’t.”

“That’s why we wanted to do an Evil Ernie book: Expectations were so low, that if I could do something great, it would seem even better!”

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