NYCC: Disney XD Renews "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy"

Disney XD has renewed "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" for a second season, set to premiere in 2017.

Entertainment Weekly reports the animated series' sophomore outing will see the Guardians team with the Avengers to stop The High Evolutionary. They'll also discover "an ancient weapon with mysterious power" capable of destroying them and everything they've vowed to protect.

"We're pleased to give fans a new season of 'Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy,' taking them deeper into the Guardians' universe," Disney XD's Marc Buhaj said in a statement. "The team at Marvel Animation continues to deliver great stories that capture the tone and spirit of the feature film and provide entirely new chapters to the Guardians of the Galaxy story."

Premiering just last month, "Guardians of the Galaxy" airs new episodes every Saturday on Disney XD.

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