NYCC: Disney Publishing Teases Its Magical Future

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Thursday afternoon at New York Comic Con saw a who's who of talent from Disney Publishing gather to discuss what readers can expect in the near future.

However, first off was the trailer for Disney's upcoming live-action Nutcracker film. Then, the moderators, Dina Sherman and Emily Meehan, showed off the cover for the upcoming novelization of the film.

Next up was a trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, followed by a tease of Practically Poppins In Ever Way, the novelization of the film.

Finally, a teaser trailer for the live-action Dumbo film was screened. This was followed by a tease of the novelization and picture books, sans cover art, which was not yet available.

On the Marvel side, there's First Day Groot, which tells the story of the first day of school for Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

Then, with Star Wars, there's the Flight of the Falcon program, which expands upon the "life" of the Millennium Falcon. The titles included are Lando's LuckLuke and Leia and Pirate's Price. There's also Star Wars: Queen's Shadow, which is a novel focusing on Padme Amidala, written by E.K. Johnson.

The authors then took to the stage, each revealing brief synopses about their respective upcoming books: Christina Lynn Herman (The Devouring Gray), Carlos Hernandez (Sal & Gabby Break the Universe), Lorraine Clink (Powers of a Girl) , Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos (The Adventurers Guild), Molly Brooks (Sanity & Tallulah) and Justina Ireland (Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon: Lando’s Luck).

"What all these books have in common is that they're all about heroes," Sherman said. "What can you tell us about these heroes?"

"In Sal & Gabby, the heroes come together because of grief," Hernandez said. "Here's a way you can take those things that've happened to you and turn them into something great."

"I feel like in my book, you wouldn't casually call anyone a hero," Brooks said. "It might not look that way at first, but they definitely are."

Ireland then discussed how Lando Calrissian is a different type of hero; one who'll do the right thing, but is still a scoundrel in his own right.

"Thinking about heroes, did you know what you were going to put in your book?" Sherman asked Clink.

"I really wanted it to be the most interesting, diverse, cool group of ladies," Clink replied. "There are some women deserving of more time in comics. I think it's great the Mantis has resurfaced. Monica Rambeau is by far one of the most powerful characters. There's just some many people I was thrilled to shine a light on."


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