NYCC: "Death of Wolverine" to "Logan Legacy"

Marvel's "Death of Wolverine - The Logan Legacy" panel found "All-New X-Men" and "Uncanny X-Men" writer Brian Michael Bendis, "Deadpool" scribe Gerry Duggan, "Storm" writer Greg Pak, "Death of Wolverine" writer Charles Soule, "All New X-Factor" writer Peter David, editors Jordan White and Katie Kubert, and executive editor Mike Marts on hand to reveal how other heroes react to Logan's death -- and who might step up to fill his shoes.

Marts began by stating that, though officially this panel is focused on Wolverine, it will also serve as a panel for the broader X-Men universe.

The slide presentation began with an image of "Incredible Hulk" #181 by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe, which introduced Wolverine. "Little did they know the influence the character would have on generations to come," Marts said.

Bendis next spoke about "All New X-Men," who have recently "fallen into the Ultimate Universe." "They discover that, in the Ultimate universe, man created mutants," a revelation that will reverberate at home. "And Jean meets a Jean who is closer to her than Jean-Jean." He added that all of the X-Men might not make it back to the 616 universe.

"Jimmy Hudson vs. X-23, you're welcome," Bendis concluded.

He also spoke about "Uncanny," which is currently "knee deep in the 'Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier." Cyclops' team is confronting a vastly powerful, previously hidden mutant. "All the mutant teams try to deal with him, but none better than Scott Summers," Bendis said, as Cyclops tries to take the new character under his wing to right Xavier's mistake.

But at the same time "our new Uncanny X-Men start to realize that they're maybe not on the right team," Bendis said.

"The project out of the X-Office I'm most proud of is these two annuals," Bendis said of the upcoming story illustrated by Andrea Sorentino. Together, the two annuals form a graphic novel starring Eva Bell, exploring her accidental time travel adventures and featuring appearances by Rawhide Kid and X-Men 2099, among others.

Marts talked about the upcoming four-part arc in "Amazing X-Men by Chris Yost and Jorge Fornes, a story called 'The Juggernauts" beginning in #15.

"Spider-Man and the X-Men" by Elliott Kalan and Marco Failla was next. Kalan is the head writer of the Daily Show, and Kubert joked that "I don't know if you've heard of that show, but it's really, really funny." The story follows "how Peter Parker got into the school and tries to become a teacher," she said. "There's a lot of dinosaurs in it."

The conclusion of "Death of Wolverine" drops this coming week with issue #4. "He dies on Wednesday," Soule said. "The way that it's worked is to hit touchstones of Wolverine's life," he said, from his "wildman days" to Madripoor to Japan. The story wraps in Weapon X.

A fan dressed as a tattered Logan as seen in issue one approached the stage for some remarks and photo ops.

"Logan Legacy" will follow the death, running for seven issues and chronicling how various heroes and especially villains react to his absence. "Are they going to redefine themselves based on Logan begin gone, or are they just going to be more evil?" Soule said.

"Weapon X Program" by Soule and Salvador Larorroca starts in November. "You have five new characters who are very closely tied in to Wolverine," some of whom debut in "Death," Soule said. "These are not heroes, they are not the super soldiers, they are lab rats," he said, describing the book as "Runaways meets Frankenstein."

The "Captain America/Deadpool" one-shot got some laughs, with Duggan saying "they were a fun odd couple to work with even before [Cap] got old."

"Life After Logan" is another one-shot exploring "Death's" aftermath.

A new series called "Wolverines" begins in January, from Soule, Ray Fawkes, and Nick Bradshaw. "Sabretooth, Mystique, X-23, and Daken are, not a team, but have to work together," Soule said. 'This is not your save the universe book, this is, let's try to survive, do crazy things." The Wrecking Crew makes an appearance, and "Fin Fang Foom shows up, sort of," Soule said, adding that he's hoping for a "Nextwave" feel.

Storm will react to Logan's death in #4 of her story. "You're going to find out how a goddess grieves," Pak said. "Wolverine and Storm have been lovers, this is what happens when she finds out he's gone." Pak also noted that "she controls the weather," so her grief could affect others. Ororo will also be "cleaning up some of his unfinished business," and part of that has to deal with Yukio.

"Yukio and Wolverine had a dangerous undertaking, and Storm has decided to finish it," Pak said, but this could be a mistake because Logan has "gone places that Storm has not yet gone."

"Storm" #6 will feature "a big status quo shake-up," Pak said.

David's "All-New X-Factor" came up next. "I am very flattered at the response to the latest issue," David said, which featured "the Scarlett Witch showing up to hang out with her sister Lorna." After the AXIS tie-in, "we're sending them to Israel -- except we're not calling it Israel," David said. Also in #18, "Danger gets laid, so she's very happy about that."

David is also writing "Deadpool's Art of War," illustrated by Scott Koblish. David said he's long pushed for an "Art of War" book, with various characters acting out the scenarios. Editor in Chief Axel Alonso suggested putting Deadpool at the center. "He resolves that he's going to use the 'Art of War' as a survival book, how to survive if the world is at war. But of course the world is not at war, so Deadpool decides to do something about that," David said.

"Deadpool"#36 features what Marts described as "one of our favorite covers around the Marvel offices," with the character looking for a charger for Iron Man armor. Duggan said "we're currently having a lot of fun with Wade Wilson lately, who puts on a mask and happens to become Deadpool," but not all characters are pleased with recent changes in the Merc with a Mouth, not least of which being his wife.

In "Return of the Living Deadpool," it is discovered that any zombie in "Night of the Living Deadpool" who ate Deadpool would become a Deadpool, White said. "So now the world is overrrun by Deadpools."

Marts then opened the floor to questions.

A fan asked for some characters to relocate to Pittsburgh so that New York doesn't have all the fun. "I could put them in Pittsburgh, they're all trying to get out of Pittsburgh," Duggan said.

Addressing the rumor that Marvel has a mandate not to create more X-Men so as not to support Fox's film franchise. "If you've been reading my book, it's mostly new characters," Bendis joked. "And Fox spent a lot of money on the Powers pilot they never showed, so I don't mind giving them Goldballs."

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