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DiDio began the panel by saying things were going to go a little differently than typical DC Nation panels. "How many people here want to know what's going on in DC Universe?" DiDio asked before asking Geoff Johns about The Blackest Night.

"2009," Johns said. "The dead rise. They kick a lot of ass."

"How about Jimmy Olson?" DiDio said. "Jimmy Olson beats Darkseid, how did you come up with that, Keith?"

"That was [my 100th weekly issue], so I didn't care," Giffen sighed. "Darkseid gets passed around like a bong."

DiDio then displayed on the projection screen what he called the DC Nation Timelords. The image resembled Rip Hunter's chalkboards from 52. Stay tuned to CBR for pictures of the board following the panel.

Are we going to see White Laterns? "Maybe," said Johns.

Are we going to see loved ones come back from the dead in Blackest Night? Like Tim Drake's father? "Yes," said Johns.

Is the Batman in Final Crisis going to be Bruce Wayne? DiDio indicated that promotional items given out after the NYCC DC panels will provide some clues.

Final Crisis will be seven issues, complimented by Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds, which will be joined by Final Crisis: Revelations by Greg Rucka and Phillip Tan, which will be joined by a number of one-shots:

Final Crisis: Requiem.Final Crisis: Submit.Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge.Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns.

Some one-shots will be co-written by Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Geoff Johns.

Developments in Wonder Woman include new villains and someone who believes the Amazons are a failed experiment and endeavors to create their own amazons. Gail Simone also said there will be a new Wonder Woman who is a man.

Regarding Justice Society's Welcome To Earth-2 storyline, Geoff Johns said the Earth-2 heroes band together under the name Justice Society Infinity.

A fan asked about Cassie's relationship with Ares in TEEN TITANS, and McKeever indicated future stories will address the subplot that was introduced during Johns' run on the book.

DiDio then discussed DC's kids' line, which the New York audience seemed to be a big fan of. Editor Jann Jones announced a new book called Supergirl's Cosmic Adventures of the 8th Grade. Bob Wayne announced that TINY TITANS #1 is completely sold out, but will be available as part of Free Comic Book Day.

A British fan asked about the lack of British heroes in the DCU, to which Keith Giffen said, "There hasn't been a British hero since World War II."

DiDio indicated that more international heroes will be coming into the DCU, starting with a team of Japanese characters in FINAL CRISIS.

Another fan wanted to talk about "what's so awesome" about BLUE BEETLE, saying the character is an authentic hispanic hero with "great, heartfelt stories." DiDio admitted the book is not a strong seller but has tremendous support at DC, similar to MANHUNTER Ian Sadler said that a forthcoming issue will be in Spanish with the the English-language script in the back.

Geoff Johns confirmed Kyrpto the super dog will be in James Robinson's first issue of SUPERMAN, and Sean McKeever added that Wonder Dog will appear in TEEN TITANS.

Any plans to use Sinestro's sister the Witch Queen? "Yes," said Johns.

Ian Sadler explained that Geoff Johns and James Robinson have plotted out a Superman story that will be similar to Sinestro Corps War in that it will be an escalating storyline that just gets bigger and bigger.

Any new Absolute Editions? "Yes," said Bob Wayne. "The next one is League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier," then "Absolute Frank Miller's Ronin."

How big a part will Superman-Prime play in Final Crisis? "He goes into the 31st century in Legion of Three Worlds... and he kind of does his thing," Johns remarked.

Will Arthur Curry come back? DiDio then took an audience poll to determine the fans' ideal form of Aquaman, asking about hair color, costume, number of hands, etc.

Another fan wanted to know about the gaps in Superman's back-story concerning Smallville and Superman's relationship with Lex Luthor, and when those gaps will be filled in.

"When the jury decides," laughed DiDio, before Johns confirmed those things have been figured out and will be revealed in his and Robinson's Superman comics.

In response to a fan's question, DiDio confirmed that all through TRINITY, Batman will be Bruce Wayne.

DiDio also confirmed CATWOMAN is being cancelled.

Did Skeets actually kill Waverider in 52? Answered Johns, "Skeets kind of killed Waverider, but I'm sure Dan Jurgens will bring him back in BOOSTER GOLD or something."

Johns then announced that following the JSA Annual, which finds Power Girl back on Earth-2, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner will be working on a new ongoing series called POWER GIRL. The team previously worked on the character in the Johns-penned JSA CLASSIFIED arc, presently collected in the POWER GIRL trade paperback.

How long is Gary Frank going to be on ACTION? "Forever, hopefully," answered Johns.

In response to fan's remarks, DiDio admitted that there was fan disappointment with COUNTDOWN, and that some felt similarly about the One Year Later initiative. "We're NOT gong to disappoint you again. We are NOT working along those same lines."

Any chance of Young Justice being collected? No plans.

Why is MANHUNTER coming back with the same numbering? "Same writer, same character, doesn't make sense to relaunch with a new #1," said Jones.

"Thanks for making NIGHTWING not suck," said a fan to Peter Tomasi.

What's the most positive but unlikely thing that's happened at DC Comics recently? "The return of Ambush Bug," said Jones.

Who's the next breakout star at DC Comics? "Watch Philip Tan's work on FINAL CRISIS: REVELATIONS."

DiDio said some of the Elseworlds characters will be seen in Final Crisis and in SUPERMAN BEYOND, a tie-in special.

The next JSA storyline is called "Black Adam and Isis."

What sort of publicity are you guys going to do for the all-Spanish issue of BLUE BEETLE? "It doesn't matter, no one's going to be able to understand it," answered Keith Giffen.

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