NYCC: DC Digital Service Offers Updates on Young Justice, Titans & More

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DC Universe is almost here. In anticipation of the wide debut, Titans creator Geoff Johns, DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, Katie Soo (Warner Bros. Digital Network SVP of Marketing), Sam Ades (Warner Bros. Digital Network General Manager and SVP), Patty Hirsh (Warner Bros. Digital Network General Manager and SVP) and Rob Kamphausen (Warner Bros. Digital Labs VP of Product) stopped by New York Comic Con to give fans an inside look at the streaming service. They offered updates on DC Universe originals like Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders, revealed a closer look at the films and series, animated movies and comic books available on the service and more.

"There's swearing in it," Johns joked of Titans.

" It's an honor to be a part of the team that's bringing Titans to the screen," he shared. "When I was kid, I would have sold my brother to get a DC channel and my sister to get a Titans show... It's been so great to have the creative freedom... It's really freeing."

"We're going to show a new trailer," he announced.

Asked why he chose these characters, he said of Raven, "It's more of a horror slant.. we really wanted to explore that." He described Beast as the "doorway to the Doom Patrol."

He referenced the Grant Morrison run as his influence for Doom Patrol. "The Doom Patrol are kind of like this self-help group that like to eat together," he explained.

"Just how weird these characters are. We showed the trailer yesterday at the premiere... in the show, you'll see her in a different state altogether." He described the Cliff Steele/Robotman elements as a race car movie, then compared Elastiwoman to the creature from It.

"Well, Stargirl is the first comic book I ever wrote, inspired by my sister who passed away," Johns shared. "Courtney Whitmore has always been one of my favorite characters in the DC Universe." He described her as a legacy character, which is what he described as an important element of DC. "If I was going to dedicate my time to running a show, that's the show I wanted to do."

"She embodies the spirit of the character completely," he said of Bec Bassinger, who will play Stargirl on the series. The Titans costume designer is currently designing the Stargirl costumes. "It's very different from everything else on DC Universe."

Ades described the service as the "ultimate DC experience." He discussed fan-only opportunities, like contests for Aquaman tickets and a trip to see the Batmobile in person. He also mentioned a contest to visit the set of Stargirl.

"Our goal is to bring content to the fans," Hirsh explained. "A lot of our products are video-focused... you wanted video. You wanted comics. But, overall, you always wanted fan experience.. This is our first pass at it. This is an evolving product. We're going to give you more platforms, more features. We want to hear from you guys... We're really looking forward to evolving this product with you."

Kamphausen revealed he worked on the first DCComics.com when he was an intern at Warner Bros. and how it was a transformative experience for him. "When I just started comics... and I would talk to him and he would run the message board and he was so excited," Johns recalled. "He became my best friends, and I thought comics always connected people... that's what Rob kind of did with the message boards... I know he cares more than anyone else, which is great."

"This is something for decades... it's in my brain. It's in all of your brains," Kamphausen shared. "So that fandom never goes away. I will be in a meeting and Jim Lee is there and I'll call him 'sir' and he tells me to stop... I want to bring that to life... We're all fans. I want to bring this to people."

"The fans -- you all are making it your own," Ades added. He said that fans reaching out to them to cultivate the experience is "exactly what we wanted." "Young Justice has been the number one show that everyone is watching."

Lee announced that DC Universe will include a special one-shot prequel to Young Justice: Outsiders by show creator Greg Weismen. The comic will be optimized for a big-screen reading experience.

DC Universe will allow fans to sort their comics into personalized lists curated by the user.

"You guys are consuming the stuff very, very quickly," Lee shared. "It's really exciting to see that people are reading the comics... We're going to be adding more comics."

Ades shared his excitement for the original animated movies. He revealed 2019's Reign of Supermen will be available on DC Universe. Batman: Hush will also debut on the service. Krypton will stream exclusively on the service in 2019.

"You'll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it'll be a new version," Johns revealed in response to a fan question.

Asked about queer representation, Johns said. "You'll definitely see it in the show."

"Last night at dinner, Geoff and I were talking about Jericho," Lee added. "So yes, definitely."

Kicking off the DC Universe Originals slate, Titans debuts Friday, October 12 and stars Brenton Thwaites as Robin, Anna Diop as Starfire, Teagan Croft as Raven, Ryan Potter as Beast Boy, Alan Ritchson as Hawk, Minka Kelly as Dove, and Lindsey Gort as Amy Rohrbach.

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