NYCC | DC Comics reveals Wonder Woman's father is ...

New York Comic Con may not kick off for another couple of days, but DC Comics is already parceling out some of its big announcements. On Sunday, there was news that Andy Kubert will join Grant Morrison for two issues of Action Comics, and now comes word that another major change is in store for Wonder Woman.

The New York Post reports that after nearly 70 years, the Amazing Amazon will receive ... a father. Warning: Spoilers!

Since at least 1942, Wonder Woman had been a mystical creation, formed as an infant from clay by her mother Queen Hippolyta and imbued with the attributes of some of the Olympian gods. But with November's Wonder Woman #3, we -- and she -- will learn her true origin.

“She’s going to learn she’s not who she was told she was," writer Brian Azzarello tells the Post.

Who she is, it turns out, is a daughter of Zeus, philandering king of the Greek gods.

That revelation helps to explain the appearance of Hera in the first issue -- the horse-slaughtering figure in the peacock-feather cloak -- and her central role in the initial arc of the relaunched series, by Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang. It also provides context for the cover and solicitation for Issue 3: "Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, has kept a secret from her daughter all her life – and when it's revealed, Wonder Woman's life will shatter like brittle clay. The only one more shocked than Diana by this revelation? Bloodthirsty Hera herself – so why is her sinister daughter, Strife, so eager for the truth to be told?"

Wonder Woman #3 goes on sale Nov. 16. New York Comic Con runs Wednesday through Sunday at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Keep checking Comic Book Resources and Robot 6 for complete coverage of the convention.

Update: DC has followed up the announcement by unveiling Chiang's cover for Wonder Woman #5, below.

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