NYCC: DC Comics Teases Secrets of Batman's Future


It's time for a DC Comics convention staple! The writers and artists behind Batman in Rebirth have been brought together on stage today at New York Comic Con to spill Gotham City's secrets. The panel includes Tom King, Scott Snyder, Sean Gordon Murphy, Cully Hamner, Tony Patrick, and James Tynion IV.

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DC All Access host Jason Inman took the stage to announce the panel, including Marguerite Bennett who had not been announced previously.

Batman: The Signal was up first with Cully Hamner talking about his Duke design. "The reversed-out Bat symbol on his chest is reflective so it can pick up light and maybe confuse enemies."

Inman asked writer Tony Patrick if he was intimidated about taking on a project with Scott Snyder. "No not at all," Patrick laughed, "This was like Duke training with Batman for me. Months of training with Scott Snyder, getting lots and lots of notes -- still getting notes. This is the dream team."

Snyder took a moment to thank everyone at the panel, "this is the best time to be a Batman fan. You guys are the best fans in the world." He then moved on to talk about figuring out where Duke can land. "We didn't want him to take on a mantle like Nightwing or Robin -- which were options, but the way. We wanted to give him something new. Gotham by day is where all the new threats in the city start to take root." He continued, talking about Patrick's idea that for a juvie Arkham, and building out a different neighborhood. "There's a cop who was on nightshift who quit and came to the dayshift because of an encounter with Mr. Freeze," He teased, also dropping hits about a new Wayne Enterprises endeavor where Bruce is going to be building housing for city employees that will build into a mystery.

Tom King was up next, talking about the end of the "War of Jokes and Riddles."

"I knew from day one, I knew Catwoman was gonna say yes. If you look back at my issue 1, I knew I wanted to do 100 issues of this book and I wanted to focus on Bruce and Selina's relationship as the core of the run," King explained.

The next arc of Batman will be called "The Rules of Engagement" rather than "A Dream of Me" as was initially announced. It will run for 17 issues. "I thought about Catwoman and Batman being engaged...and then I immediately thought about Catwoman and Talia in a sword fight in the desert...and it gets awkward."

"What will Damian think of this marriage?" Inman asked, to which King responded that the next arc will be all about how Damian is going to cope with this new status quo. "It drives him a little more crazy," King joked.

Sean Murphy was up for Batman: White Knight, "I was always inspired by Batman: The Animated Series, and I wanted to tell a story about a story where Joker was "cured" in a new way," Murphy explained, "I wanted him to start coming at Batman in like, legal ways, using social media."

"This story is about the family, too." Murphy explained, saying Nightwing and Batgirl will continue to play a big part in the story. "This is just Nightwing from the animated series but with a motorcycle jacket."

Inman asked if White Knight was a finite story, but Murphy said he's already in talks with DC for a potential sequel.

James Tynion IV was next to talk about his Bat-related projects. Batman/TMNT volume 2 was first on the docket. "The first volume was taking the Turtle to Gotham City and the second volume is going to be taking Gotham City to the Turtles. It's Batman, Robin and Bane invading the Turtles' NYC. I just wrote a scene where Bane takes over the Statue of Liberty and pulls the Bane mask down over it."

"At the end of the day, all Batman stories are about family, and all Turtles stories are about family, they have this common theme." Tynion explained.

He went on to talk about the current arc of Detective Comics, "A Lonely Place of Living."

"It's been a tremendous honor. This is a book that's always been near and dear to my heart. When Geoff brought me in to say they were going to take Tim off the table but to tie him into this bigger mystery playing into Rebirth, I was so excited." Tynion said. "A Lonely Place of Living" taps into what makes Tim Drake important."

"The fact that Tim carries the whole world on his shoulders, and it was evident right from those first original pages in "A Lonely Place of Dying." Tynion explained about the importance of restoring the original origin.

Tynion went on to explain that the answers to the Connor Kent questions that keep getting asked might be answered in Detective #966.

Bennett was next for Batwoman and her use of Scarecrow in the story, "The places Kate has built her armor were not put in place to defend against villains like him. She has all this training in black ops but she has no defenses against the guilt in her mind."

Snyder then teased his upcoming project with Sean Murphy, called Last Knight "I want it to be my last Batman story for a long time."

"Batman suddenly wakes up and he's... young, but he wakes up in this post apocalyptic wasteland, crawling out of the sand in this Gotham City that's been ruined. He's got the Joker's head chained to his belt, but it's alive and like "You gotta move, kid!" It's got old Wonder Woman, Baby Superman -- it's like my Lone Wolf and Cub Batman story."

Snyder explained that he got advice from Grant Morrison about taking over iconic characters, "He said you've got to give them a birth and a death. So this isn't really a death, but this is a closing a chapter in my version of Batman."

Inman asked the panel for one last spoiler from the panel, to which Tom King replied that he and Lee Weeks are coming together for at Batman Annual "It's the story of Batman and Catwoman's first kiss...and their last."

Fans were then invited to ask questions. A fan from Australia asked if Tynion has any plans for new additions to the Detective Comics roster. "The Robins and Batgirl are core to the mythos are they're going to be a big part in the next arc."

A fan then asked if the Bat-books had any plans to do a benefit book for a Batman-oriented story for gun control, but the panel confirmed that if that did happen it would be in DC's hands. Inman then told the fan that if this was a book and an issue people want to see, they should let DC know.

A fan then asked Murphy about Last Knight -- if it will be a graphic novel or a mini series. "It might be a mixed. I'm not completely informed but there will be more info probably before San Diego. It'll be a new format that'll make these stand out."

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