NYCC, Day 2: Photo Parade

These Day 2 photos are coming a bit late because, well, I decided to have fun last night instead of rushing back to the hotel room to post pictures. Once dinner was over, I made it out to Brooklyn to check out the comic shop Rocketship owned by long time CBR Forums posted Alex Cox. It's a great shop with an incredible wealth of indy and self-published books. They're currently expanding the store to include a gallery at the back of the store, which will be a very nice addition.

But what of the convention itself on Saturday? Well, the good news is it did not get shut down like it did last year. I saw Fire Marshalls roaming the floor on occasion, but the convention did a good job handling the crowds, thus avoiding a repeat of what happened last year. When I got to the convention, the line was very long, with people standing out in the cold, but they moved them in rather quickly. The convention had a number of contingency plans to ensure that everyone could get on the floor at some point, but it turned out not to be necessary.

While it was certainly crowded on the con floor, it wasn't impossible to get around. The only area of the con that was a bit much was the Artists Alley section up in the Galleria portion of the Jacob Javits Center. The aisles were much too small to handle the crowds of people. If a big name creator sat down for a signing, suddenly the aisle would be flooded with people and getting through became near impossible.

Outside of that, it seemed to go pretty much without incident. Next year should be a lot better as they'll have a much larger hall for the show (this year's hall really wasn't all that big - certainly no comparison to Comic-Con International in San Diego) and even if they see a good increase in attendance next year, it shouldn't be an issue at all.

The other bit of good news is that next year the convention is moving to April, which this Los Angelino with an aversion to cold welcomes with open arms. Especially tonight - NYC is expecting 5-7 inches of snow tonight and delays are expected at all area airports. That's not something I look forward to.

Clearly, New York Comic-Con has become the premier comic convention on the east coast, and that's a good thing. While there are many, oh so many comic conventions held each year across the United States, knowing that there are now two must visit shows in the United States, the New York Comic-Con and Comic-Con International in San Diego, is a very good thing.

Well, it's Sunday night, I have an early morning flight to catch - that is if it isn't cancelled due to crap weather - so I'm off to bed, but enjoy these photos from Saturday at New York Comic-Con, 2007. For photos from Day 1 (the full sized images of which have been fixed), have a click. And don't miss one minute of our extensive coverage of the show by checking out our full NYCC 2007 news index.

Oh, and late Monday, we'll post a bonus Photo Parade of pictures taken by Pinguino Kolb that you'll just love.

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