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NYCC, Day 1: CBR Photo Parade

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NYCC, Day 1: CBR Photo Parade

Well, as you’ve probably noticed, the CBR crew has traveled to New York City to attend the New York Comic-Con, 2007 edition. It’s cold outside – a high of maybe 38 during the day, 24 at night – and for this Los Angeles resident, well, that’s entirely too damned cold. Although, I will say this, it’s not nearly as cold as it was last year, but when you’re used to 75 degree weather and sunny skies 300-310 days of the year, cold like this drives me nuts.

But, enough about my inability to withstand a little bit of the much chilliness, let’s talk about the con. NYCC 2007 day one seemed to go off relatively smoothly. I got to the show around 2:00 in the afternoon, two hours before it opened to the public. It was fairly light before 4:00 as it was just industry pros and book sellers and buyers roaming the halls and that was OK. It allowed everyone a chance to get the lay of the land.

The hall is twice as large as it was last year, but really that’s not saying a lot since last year’s hall was of the ultra tiny variety. This larger hall does allow anchors like the Marvel and DC booths much more very needed space. The aisles are, for the most part, larger than they were last year, which allows for better traffic flow. Artists Alley isn’t on the main con floor, but upstairs in another, smaller convention room. I was a little concerned prior to the show being opened up to the public that Artists Alley would be a wasteland, but the wide variety of top and emerging creators proved to be a nice draw, as I would learn later in the day.

When the doors opened up at 4:00, the convention center began to fill. By 6:00 pm, it was pretty packed, what you’d expect from a busy convention. Artists Alley did become a bit of a mess, with smaller aisles they got bollixed up easily. After a while the convention had to begin limiting traffic going upstairs, which resulted in a long line at the escalators that crossed the lobby and back into the Marvel booth, which couldn’t have been fun for Marvel, but it was the right decision to make. It was very difficult to move around in Artists Alley and limiting traffic flow was the only appropriate thing to do.

Saturday’s sold out and if traffic is much increased from today, it could be another mess like last year’s show. But, the New York Comic-Con has been careful in not over selling tickets to this years show and have made every effort to avoid the problems seen last year, including a shut down by the City Fire Marshall. Can that be avoided a second year in a row? Well, I guess we’ll find out.

All in all, it was a good first day for the 2007 edition of the New York Comic-Con and now it’s time to show you a bit of that in pictures.

I love the Strom Trooper in the middle of this picture. His slightly tilted head says to me, “Why the hell am I doing this?” Last February we told you about this amazing Model A featuring thousands of comics illustrations. You can see it at NYCC this weekend.
Old Friends and New DC Exclusives — Sean McKeever and Mike Norton. Apparently its Fonzy Blue Beetle with Oh So Hot Catwoman and Oh So Hot Power Girl. “Ladies, why don’t we ditch Beetle and find ourselves a nice corner to make out. Whadaya say?”
Artist Jock. He’ll be the subject of an upcoming STUDIO TOUR here on CBR soon. “I’m a Jedi. I’m contemplative. I’m almost cutting my own face in half with my light saber.
Stephen Colbert! Truthiness! Stephen Colbert talks with a fan.
This is the main entrance to the con hall arond 5:30 Friday afternoon. I ran into J. Torres and B. Clay Moore upstairs roaming Artists Alley.
Rick Spears, Becky Cloonan and Rob G. Khary Randolph
“The Sentinels'” Rick Bernatovech Those “Action Philosophers” Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey
Ivan Brandon and Andy MacDonald Matt Clark
Rick Veitch Rags Morales says, “Eyyyyyy.” There’s a little Fonzy thing going on today.
Bob Layton Walt Simonson talks with a fan.
From artists alley you can get a full view of the con floors. Starting from the left … … moving to the right we see the Fox Atomic booth …
… moving to the right some more … … and the end of the con hall.
Gene Colan A transformer who really likes himself some music. Now transform for me alrady!
Some official Star Trek uniforms. Really, the Seven of Nine costume isn’t as impressive without Jeri Ryan wearing it. The Captain’s chair. Doesn’t look all that comfortable.
More Star Trek costumes from the ages. Molly Crabapple. Look for an interview with her on CBR next week.
I’m guessing Black Panther, but I’m not certain. Tony Harris
Where is Neal Adams? Right here.
It’s hard to make out exactly, but here’s a shot of the Artists Alley line backing up into the Marvel booth. The delays weren’t too bad, really.
Bob Luczun, the owner of that Model A. He gave us a look under the hood of the Model A, too. Love the signs on the firewall.
A wild eyed Buddy Scalera. So, apparently if you dress up as Wonder Woman, you’re news worthy.
Frank Tieri says hi. Chris Eliopolous
“The PLAIN Janes” Jim Rugg and Cecil Castellucci Jeff Smith signs at the DC booth.
Mouse Guard’s” David Petersen, ASP’s Brian Petkash and “The Lone and Level Sands” A. David Lewis Does it look like the Storm Trooper in the left is rubbing up on the Pink Fett? Be cool, dude. Be cool.
Uhmmmmmmmmmm … Carmine Infantino
Kyle Baker Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart
Joe Infunari and Neal Shaffer

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