NYCC | Cornell, Kelly to visit <i>Saucer Country</i>

Demon Knights and Stormwatch writer Paul Cornell is teaming with New York Five and Local artist Ryan Kelly for a new Vertigo series, Saucer Country. Announced at the New York Comic Con today, Cornell described the book on his blog as "The West Wing does The X-Files."

The story centers on Arcadia Alvarado, the governor of New Mexico, who Cornell said is 'abducted by aliens' on the even of her announcement that she's running for president

"Those speechmarks are because she's not exactly sure what happened. But she's going to use all her staff and resources to find out. What happened to her might also be a threat to U.S. security," he said on his blog. "Saucer Country is a trip through UFO mythology, a subject I've always been fascinated with. It's a dark, suspenseful, serious thriller with, I hope, some warm, very human characters at the heart of it. Between arcs that feature Arcadia and her staff venturing into the murky worlds of flying saucer lore, we'll be featuring one-off 'true story' issues, a short version of which already appeared in the Strange Adventures one-shot earlier this year."

Watch for it in 2012, and you can see some previews pages over on Blastr.

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