NYCC: "comiXology Submit" Opens To Self Publishers

For years, the threshold for creators looking to make their way in comics has remained the same: do it yourself. Self-publishing has long been

comiXology announced this morning in advance of New York Comic Con that they would soon open up their popular comics reader app to self-publishers via a new portal called "comiXology Submit." While the site is in a private beta test now, eventually anyone with a comic short story, serialized narrative or graphic novel will be able to load up a PDF of their work, have it approved by the company's team of content reviewers and see it available for purchase on the Comics by comiXology app complete with Guided View interface soon after.

"Every time we speak at one of the big comic conventions, the first question asked by fans is when we'll start accepting submissions. It's crazy," comiXology CEO David Steinberger told tech blog VentureBeat. The executive noted that the company will not police content when looking at submissions, but that does not mean all titles submitted will be accepted. "I don't really see it as our job to police the kind of content, but it is our job to police the quality of the experience. So, it is important that these self-published books stand up to what's already in the store... but the policies for reviewing submissions is not at all heavy-handed."

The company promises a 50/50 split on profits from self-published comics sold via their app, though those profits come after fees are paid to platform providers like Apple, which takes 30% of the full cost of any book sold. The first self-published books should start hitting the app in eight weeks time.

For more, see the full story at VentureBeat, and stay tuned to CBR News for more from New York Comic Con 2012.

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