NYCC: CBR's "Ultimate" Checklist

This weekend's New York Comic Con has seen a massive amount of news come out of it, and CBR has been covering all aspects of it. However, with the amount of stories we're bringing you, we realize it's easy to miss some things. One of the biggest stories to hit has been Marvel's announcement of the Ultimate Comics line, post "Ultimatum," and we've responded with panel coverage and interviews with all the major players. Here's a quick checklist, with links to the complete stories, so you can be sure you've heard everything.

  • Marvel's Cup o' Joe Panel: Here's where the big announcement was first made by Joe Quesada, himself.

    Quesada then announced that Marvel is canceling "Ultimate Spider-Man," to which Bendis responded, "No! No! We are done, professionally, man!"Quesada then clarified that the entire Ultimate line will be cancelled, sent off with a number of "Requiem" specials, and re-launched as Ultimate Comics.

  • Bendis and Lafuente on "Ultimate Spider-Man" Volume 2: This July sees the launch of "Ultimate Spider-Man" Vol. 2, picking up the story from the previous series. CBR spoke with the book's creative team writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Lafuente.

    It's 2009, and in the current "Ultimatum" mini-series, the Ultimate Universe is under siege by a berserk Magneto, and Spider-Man is in the thick of things. If the solicits for "Ultimate Spider-Man" #133 are any indication, "Ultimatum" might mean Peter Parker's downfall because it's marked as the last issue, which has left many fans wondering is Spider-Man going to die?

    The answer to that is "No," but whether or not Peter Parker perishes is still in question. And it's a question that won't be answered until July when Marvel kicks off its newly rebranded "Ultimate Comics" line with the launch of "Ultimate Spider-Man" volume 2. CBR News spoke with the creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and David Lafuente ["Hellcat"] about the series.

  • Jeph Loeb on EVERYTHING Ultimate Comics and "New Ultimates": In the wake of "Ultimatum," Jeph Loeb talks with CBR about renaming and relaunching Marvel's Ultimate line, but which characters survive that long remains in doubt.

    I think the thing that's important to remember is that there is no reset button after Ultimatum. No one's going to back in time and erasing it. There's not going to be a great white light at the end with everything rebooted and recharged. What happens in 'Ultimatum' happened. It is - and I'm not making light of any of these things because I have way too much emotion and pathos tied to them - but it is the Holocaust or the 9/11 of the Ultimate Universe. Those things happened. People were changed by them. People will be changed by them in the stories that are told from here on out. It doesn't mean that everything's going to be dark and hopeless. In fact, after a great tragedy, you often find people coming together to find a common goal.

  • Millar's "Ultimate Avengers" - The Big Plan: With the huge Saturday reveal of the Ultimate Comics relaunch at the NYCC, and word that he'll team with superstar artists Carlos Pacheco & Leinil Yu, Mark Millar spills on his biggest book of '09.

    CBR News: It's Is it good to have a clean break from "Ultimates" with this new series, since the first book was such a huge piece of your and Hitch's careers?

    Mark Millar: Kind of. It's probably the best book for me, because it changes twice a year. I've dubbed it "the event book" or "the big daddy book" of the Ultimate Universe because I can pick and choose the other Marvel characters that I want to play with. So if I want Spider-Man in it or some X-Men in it or Captain America, I can put them all in this book. It's one where I can pick and choose from the other titles. For me, it's hugely exciting because I can't possibly get bored.

  • Bendis Talks "Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem": In "Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem", a 2 issue story launching in May, Brian Bendis examines our hero through the eyes of others, including his new biggest fan: J. Jonah Jameson?

    In addition to "Ultimate Spider-Man Requiem" books one and two, the effects of "Ultimatum" will be further explored in "Ultimate Fantastic Four: Requiem" and "Ultimate: X-Men: Requiem" "Jeph Loeb destroyed the Ultimate Universe and I wanted a little goodbye to all my hard work," Bendis jokingly told CBR News. "The last issue of 'Ultimate Spider-Man' is #133. It's very sad. And what the 'Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem' books are about is, J. Jonah Jameson is witness to something Spider-Man does in the pages of 'Ultimate Spider-Man' that is so shocking, it completely turns him around about what he thinks and what he does with his life.

  • Aron Coleite On "Ultimate X-Men: Requiem": Aron Coleite takes some time to talk to CBR News about the newly announced "Ultimate X-Men: Requiem," the ramifications of "Ultimatum," and what's in store for the Ultimate Universe.

    "Ultimate X-Men: Requiem" picks up right after the climactic finale to "Ultimatum." "There's a lot of people who've met their proverbial maker after 'Ultimatum' is over," Coleite said. "So the ugly question remains -- what do you do with the bodies. This is a story about a graveyard."

    The story hits an emotional tone as the characters deal with the loss that has befallen them. "It's about what you do next," Coleite said.  "It's about how you say goodbye.  And about how you move on."Coleite was tight lipped about which mutants will take center stage on the title as fans have seen several mutants fall already in "Ultimatum." "The ones that survived," Coleite said, "Those are the ones that have the toughest task; Carrying on the legacy and the pain."

  • Joe Pokaski On "Ultimate Fantastic Four Requiem": Hot on the heels of the newly announced "Ultimate Fantastic Four: Requiem," Joe Pokaski took time out to explain his love of family and why the one-shot may have to be called "Fantastic One."

    The dictionary defines requiem as "A song or a hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person," but would the Fantastic Four's requiem be that of one for a person or a concept, the end of an era? "A little of both," Pokaski said. "Actually, a little of one and a lot of another, but I can't tell you which."

    Fans can expect a few surprises when it comes to supporting cast members that will be showing up in "Ultimate Fantastic Four Requiem." "Well, we're kind of settling in for the Moleman (of all people) to be a supporting player in the Baxter Building, as well as Sue and Johnny's mom. And Doom plays a big, big part in a small, small, way. Oh, and Spider-Woman and Aunt May, and General Ross, and a certain mystical baddie. Oh, and the Statue of Liberty in one of her first speaking roles. That's about it I think."

  • Bendis on CBR TV: Finally, we have Brian Michael Bendis on CBR TV, talking about not only the new world order of the Ultimate Universe and what it means to Spider-Man.

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