NYCC: Allie Steps Away From Dark Horse Comics' "Buffy"

While the world of Joss Whedon's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" continues in four color form at Dark Horse, the stories of the Scooby gang will keep on into 2015 without a familiar face: editor Scott Allie.

The now Editor-in-Chief of the publisher has been editing comics featuring the characters from the cult TV show for 16 years including early canonical expansions such as the comics adaptation of Whedon's original "Buffy" movie script, the future spinoff "Fray" and over the past several years the official "Season" continuation series.

But with his job responsibilities mounting and a new baby daughter at home, Allie announced to the Buffy Fest blog that he would be stepping away from the books he's edited and co-written for nearly two decades.

"It's really surprisingly hard to think about not being involved in creating these stories anymore. It's weird how much a part of my life these characters have been," he said thanking Whedon and many of the other creators including Jane Espenson and Cliff Richards. "I love working with all of them... but it's weird to walk away from a world that's defined your career."

The currently running "Season 10" series will be taken over by longtime Dark Horse Editor and former "Buffy" assistant Sierra Hahn. "In order to focus on my Editor-in-Chief responsibilities, I'm giving up some books. And Sierra had worked so closely with me and so closely with Joss that this was a thing that makes sense," Allie explained.

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