NYCC | Adam Beechen on <i>Killapalooza</i>

Writer Adam Beechen and artist Trevor Hairsine are bringing rock'n'roll and blood'n'guts to Wildstorm, as the duo prepares to launch a six-issue, creator-owned mini-series called Killapalooza.

Announced at the New York Comic Con yesterday, Beechen said the series is about "a constantly-squabbling, high-profile rock band that also happens to be an elite for-hire covert assassination squad, taking on their most dangerous, and (they hope) final, assignment."

Beechen was kind enough to answer a few questions shortly after the book was announced. "It’s completely unrealistic, it’s thoroughly silly, it’s incredibly bloody and messy, it’s big, it’s fast, it’s loud, and it’s hopefully very funny and fun and exciting," the writer said. "It’s got super-powers, high-tech weapons, trashed hotel rooms, sex, music, groupies, bad words and a food fight. Trevor’s doing a brilliant job drawing it. Oh, and the name of the band our heroes are in is 'The Clap.'"

Beechen has worked on several animated series over the years, including Teen Titans, The Wild Thornberrys, Rugrats and The Batman. He's also written several mainstream books for DC Comics, including Countdown to Final Crisis and Batgirl, and on the creator-owned side, Hench and Dugout for AiT/Planet Lar.

This new book, he noted, isn't for kids.

"It’s about as far away from anything else I’ve ever written as it possibly can be, and I had a blast writing it," he said. "Just sort of let myself go, let the story take on its own internal logic and made sure it was consistent within that, as opposed to worrying about, you know, reality. It’s just one big goof written for the sheer fun of it, and I hope that energy comes across when people read it."

Beechen said the idea for the book was born from a meeting with editor Ben Abernathy, who asked Beechen to reboot some existing Wildstorm characters. "The story quickly became so over-the-top that we decided we could go even further and goofier if we made them original characters," he said.

As for the band in the book, The Clap are "sort of an amalgamation of rock archetypes and conflicts, as are all the bands that show up in the series," he said, adding they weren't inspired by any one band in particular. "We poke fun at bands from just about every genre; people will recognize the parodies pretty easily. As for what kind of music The Clap play — the loud kind."

Speaking of loud music, Beechen said his last concert was the Red Elvises, who he described as "wacky Russian rockers known for such hits as 'I Wanna See You Bellydance' and “I Am A Closet Disco Dancer,'” he said.

Any similarities to The Clap, though, would end with the loud music. Or do they? "I’m not sure the Elvises had anything other than musical purposes during their visit here, but the morning after the show, many of the attendees woke up smelling of Blini and with no memory of the previous 48 hours."

Look for the book in May.

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