NYCC | A round-up of news from Thursday

The New York Comic Con officially kicked off this afternoon, with fans eager to get inside and publishers eager to begin releasing news into the wild. So let's see if we can't herd some of those announcements together. Here's a round-up from today:

• DC Comics Co-Publisher and artist extraordinaire Jim Lee will team with Batman scribe Scott Snyder on a new Superman title next year, just in time for the Man of Steel's return to the silver screen. "This will play along with the other Superman books in the sense that it's in continuity, but we really wanted to carve out our own territory," Snyder told CBR. "This really is sort of the biggest, most epic Superman story we could do together while having our feet planted firmly in continuity and making sure that everyone had enough room."

DC also unveiled a Kia Optima that features a Batman design by Jim Lee.

• Marvel announced three more Season One graphic novels: Iron Man, written by Howard Chaykin with art by Gerard Parel; Thor by writer Matthew Sturges and artist Pepe Larraz; and Wolverine, written by the team of Ben Blacker and Ben Acker, with art by Salva Espin. Also, Cullen Bunn returns to Deadpool with Deadpool Killustrated, a miniseries that pits the Merc with a Mouth against Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes, Beowulf, Don Quixote and more. Spoiler alert: he's gonna kill them.

• Legendary Comics added two new projects to its slate--a prequel to Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film Pacific Rim and Annihilator, a new miniseries from Grant Morrison.

• Dynamite Entertainment will publish a "quirky" zombie book written by Fred Van Lente, which the writer described as "World War Z with jokes and a B drive-in movie Grindhouse sensibility." They've also picked up the license to do comics based on NBC's Grimm, while Matt Sturges will write a miniseries that spins out of their Damsels title. Finally, Jim Butcher will write a new miniseries set in his Dresden Files universe, subtitled "Ghoul Goblin."

• Dark Horse will feature its Comics Greatest World characters in a new anthology series written by Joe Casey and drawn by Dan McDaid, Paul Maybury and Ulises Farinas. Catalyst Comix will feature characters like Amazing Grace and Titan, but with a Joe Casey sensibility. "I came to this whole thing with a specific approach... a way of doing superhero comicbooks that was in direct contrast to the current, overly-conservative nature of Marvel and DC. So then I had to find the CGW characters where this approach would work best. I knew a few of them – like Ghost and X – were already set up for series. But those were more genre characters anyway...I wanted the over-the-top. four-color superhero characters. Characters like Titan and Amazing Grace and Rebel and Warmaker. Y'know, the real kooky shit," he told CBR. This sounds incredibly awesome.

The company will also publish House of Gold & Bones, a miniseries written and drawn by Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor. They'll also offer a "sampler" of their Buffyverse titles that collects the first issues of Buffy Season Nine, Angel & Faith, and the Willow and Spike miniseries.

• IDW will publish a second Kill Shakespeare miniseries, The Tide of Blood. The five-issue series kicks off in February and will feature Hamlet, Juliet, Othello and Romeo taking on Prospero.

• Oni Press announced a new series by Bunn and artist Joëlle Jones -- Helheim, a five-issue miniseries about "honor, betrayal and black magic among Viking warriors." Bunn and Brian Hurtt's The Sixth Gun, once announced as being in development by Syfy, has now been upgraded to being in development at NBC.

• The Valiant universe will get a little closer in Bloodshot #7, a story titled "Bloodshot: Harbinger Hunter." "Bloodshot was designed with one highly specialized assignment in mind," said writer Duane Swierczynski. "For years, he was out there hunting down as specific set of men, women and children designated by Project Rising Spirit. And, as we'll see in issue #7, some of the ones that got away will have good reason to forget the brutal boogeyman that still haunts their nightmares."

• Ryan North, Anthony Clark and Christopher Hastings are working on a Galaga comic for ShiftyLook.

• comiXology will begin taking submissions from self-publishers via a new portal called "comiXology Submit." While the site is in a private beta test now, eventually anyone with a comic will be able to load up a PDF of their work, have it approved by the company's team of content reviewers and see it available for purchase on the Comics by comiXology app complete with Guided View interface soon after. If you'd rather buy comics than make them, comiXology is also holding a 99 cent sale during the con for a whole bunch of DC first issues.

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