NYCC 2011 Photo Parade: Saturday, Sunday

Earlier this week, CBR brought you Pinguino Kolb's camera-lens view of the first two days of 2011's New York Comic Con, but she wasn't done yet! CBR's intrepid photog was on the floor Saturday and Sunday as well, catching comics pros, Hollywood celebs and scads of cosplayers in their natural habitat! Once again, we turn things over to CBR's Publisher and Man About Town Jonah Weiland to bring the commentary and ever-so-friendly ribbing!

Not as good as the DeadMau5 seen at LBCC.Again, I got nothing.Whilce PortacioGrace RandolphPaul Tobin and Colleen CooverDavid PetersenJ Scott CampbellMarc BrooksJanet K Lee and Jim McCannLeinil YuTodd Nauck and Andy LanningJohn Paul LeonThe BLVD: John Paul Leon, Bernard Chang, Sean ChenGarth EnnisDavid HineThe air conditioning ducts up in the anime area looked like tentaclesFurries need tiny clay figures, tooPinguino says, "Awesome moogle!" I'll take your word for it.Again, I have no idea what this is, oh but I like. Oh like!I really would have liked to see this guy navigate some of the lower roofed areas - oh that would have been amusing.Endless flows of people and costumes in the hallsMorpheusPinguino says, "WTF, I don't even..." What, you've never heard of the anime character Armpit Hair Man? He's huge in Kyoto!Lady Loki! Wowzersamamacitahumina.LOVE LIL' THOR! YOU WIN!Todd McFarlaneReally impressive all around. Great costumes, good look, wow. Also, Jean Grey? You will be mine!Finally some costumes to get excited about! MARVEL VS DC ZOMBIES! YES!This guy looks like he's taking a crap on someone's head.Really fun Joker here.Not sure what this is from -- more anime wackiness -- but oh do I like. I wonder if they'd like to see the Tiki Room. Hrmmm ...OK, I DID see this guy walking through the narrow hallways outside the CBR Tiki Room and yes, I laughed. It took so much effort for this guy to walk around, which makes me ask when does the cosplay just go too far?Darkwing and friends - don't think I've seen that at a show before. +1 for originality.Master Shake, in full effect!I'm confused by Batgirl with Spider-Bear, but whatever.Tim SaleFred Van Lente and Greg PakPinguino says, "Cosplayers always look ridiculous playing dance-style video games on stage." Wow, Pin breaking out the snark!Clark Gregg, aka Agent Coulson, and a fanNova? Wow - I bet like 14 people recognized this guy on the show floor. That's a dedicated fan.Frank Miller"Excuse me! Excuse me! I have a question."Maggie Q from NikitaSo. F-ing. Scared.Jason AaronMatt Fraction and Axel AlonsoTom Brevoort and C.B. Cebulski Dan SlottArune Singh and Dan BuckleyJoe Quesada

Jeph LoebGet the snitch!OMG SO CUTE!OMG SO I DUNNO!

OMG SO NO! Who watches Weight Watchers?OMG SO .. wait, it's just Mike McKone.Sam HumphriesLove it!

Their cute coupleness keeps me from being snarky.They took a huge space in the convention center to set up a game of Quiddich, complete with brooms. And yes, this annoys me.Pinguino says, "Adorable yarn-covered Chewbacca." Agreed!Sean Chen and his sonThis guy was drawing on pieces of leather with a tattoo gun. Like you do.Peter S. BeagleThe Oatmeal, aka Matthew Inman!Ananth Panagariya and Yuko OtaView from CBR Skybox on SundayTransformers, a Hot Chick and some kids - coming this fall to CBS!

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