NYCC '10 | Contest winners to write and draw new Stan Lee comic for MTV

If it's Saturday, it must be time for another Stan Lee announcement. Sandy Cohen at The Associated Press spoke with Lee about a new digital series called The Seekers that will run on their new MTV Geek website.

While the series is created by Lee, it will be written and drawn by an as-yet-undiscovered creative team. MTV will hold a contest to find a writer and artist to bring the comic to life. The winners will work with Lee and his company, POW! Entertainment, to develop the concept and create the comic.

Lee said The Seekers is "actually the start of a tremendous franchise," and he hopes to turn it into a TV series or movie.

It's been a busy weekend for Lee; in addition to the new MTV series, we also found out that he's co-writing a new sci-fi graphic novel starring Romeo and Juliet, as well as creating superheroes based on hockey teams. Lee also introduced the new MTV Geek site in a video earlier this week.

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