The Nun Terrifies in Teaser Trailer For Conjuring Spinoff

the nun

The first trailer for director Corin Hardy's The Nun delves deeper into the backstory of The Conjuring series and brings another installment to Warner Bros.' popular horror series.

Introduced in The Conjuring 2, the demonic nun Valak also had two notable cameos in last year's Anabelle: Creation. Tipped for her own spinoff early on in the franchise's development, Valak now gets her time to shine in her own scary standalone.

A prequel to the other four movies in the franchise, The Nun takes place in 1952 after a Catholic priest and his team is sent by the Vatican to investigate the mysterious death of a nun in Romania. The abbey becomes the setting of a battle between good and evil as the novice priest and a young nun have to explore their own complicated pasts and a terrifying future.

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Starring the likes of Demián Bichir and Taissa Farmiga, The Nun looks like a suitably terrifying chapter in the ongoing saga. The Farmiga name is no stranger to James Wan's Conjuring world thanks to Taissa's sister Vera playing Lorraine Warren in the series. Now, the American Horror Story actress is joining in on the frights.

 The Hallows' Hardy directs from a story written by Wan and Gary Dauberman, The Nun arrives Sept. 7.

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