Now Media offers up "Vespers" Graphic Novel

Official Press Release

CHICAGO – September 27, 2004 – Now Media Inc., a graphic novel and trade paperback publisher, today announced the release of its long-awaited first graphic novel, VESPERS, a story about superstars, witches, vampires and zombies living in the real world and dealing with real problems, but in very unusual situations.

The 136-page graphic novel is written and illustrated by NOW President Tony Caputo, who achieved cult status in the 1990s after building the original NOW Comics and writing How to Self-Publish You Own Comic Book (Watson-Guptill, 180pp, 1997), which became the definitive guide to the comic book business. In 1994, Caputo sold off most of the company to an outside investor, and the company folded soon after. After a 10-year hiatus, Caputo has brought the company back to life, once again fulfilling the role of founder and CEO.

"I think NOW fans, old and new, will really enjoy this novel. It touches on so many themes: faith and virtue, heroism and confronting your own fears and self-doubt," said Caputo. "Although the characters in VESPERS are fantastic, they have realistic qualities to which all readers can relate, as opposed to the two-dimensional heroes usually found in traditional visual storytelling. In VESPERS, as in real life, villains can come from within."

VESPERS focuses on how a rock star, a centerfold, a supermodel, a Navy Seal, a vampire and a zombie, all with extraordinary powers, deal with their own personal demons, like depression, loneliness and addiction. The book includes a full-color wraparound cover and black-and-white interiors and is being distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors. NOW products are available at comic specialty shops and bookstores throughout the world, and online at Amazon.com, Wal-Mart.com and www.nowcomics.com.

In addition to his graphic novels, Caputo has also written Visual Storytelling: The Art & Technique (Watson-Guptill, 192pp, 2003), a "how-to" book with an introduction by Harlan Ellison and a special essay by Jim Steranko. The book cross-pollinates film, animation, interactive games and comics for the first time.


Pop icon Vesper is a popular rock star blessed with beauty, immense talent and mystical powers. She is driven to drugs and alcohol by the pressures placed on her by the media, the public and herself, causing her to feel isolated from the rest of the world. Depression consumes Vesper until she meets Connie Severin, a fellow "super-witch" with similar problems. Together, the women create VESPERS, a twelve-step support group for the inhuman, the super-hero and the supernatural. What the group members do not realize is they will soon find themselves brought together to fight the ultimate evil in a battle for all the souls of Earth.

About NOW Media Group, Inc.

NOW Media Group, Inc. is a privately held graphic novel and trade paperback publishing company based in Chicago. Originally created in 1985 and re-formed in 2004 by Tony C. Caputo, NOW Media produces original graphic novels and trade paperbacks. In its original formation, NOW Entertainment Corporation was number three in market share, receiving a nomination for best new publisher in 1991. For more information about NOW, please visit www.nowcomics.com.

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