NOW announces new "Ralph Snart" Collection

Official Press Release

After a ten-year hiatus, Marc Hansen's legendary indy comic, Ralph Snart Adventures, returns to its print roots with the NOW Comics 3.0 release of Ralph Snart Adventures – Volume 6: Web Comic Year One.

This awesome 128-page trade paperback contains the first year of Ralph's online story and creator Hansen picks up the story where it left off with the last published issue of Ralph Snart Adventures, which was released in November 1993. Solicited in December 2004, Ralph Snart Adventures – Volume 6: Web Comic Year One goes on sale in February 2005.

The eleven years since the last print issue hasn't dimmed the enthusiasm for Ralph's insane, beer-fueled escapades, as the regular visitors to RalphSnart.com can attest. And it hasn't dulled Hansen's enthusiasm for his most famous creation either!

"Snart is a fun comic to do and has quite a history," said Hansen. "I've been writing and drawing it for about twenty years now." Ralph first appeared in 1985 as a back-up feature in Fangraphix published by Tony Caputo.

For those new to the Ralph Snart bandwagon, the protagonist is a mild-mannered accountant who has gone insane and regressed into a fantasyland. "Just imagine the most obnoxious, outrageous person you've ever met," said Hansen. "It's really a simple concept."

The new series has been published as a web comic since November 2003, and now the first 12 issues have been collected into one volume and will be published in print for the first time by the new NOW Media Group, of which Hansen is a part.

In this new trade paperback, Ralph finally acquires a new brain thanks to the demonic Dr. Goot. After so long without a brain, though, Ralph retreats into his fantasy dream world to guzzle beer with his buddy Doofus. After a beer run to Canada, a wild chase involving Bigfoots, aliens and others, Ralph and Doofus stumble into the Presidential Race. And that's not even the half of it!

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