Novelist Christopher Golden brings his 'Shadow Saga' characters to Comics

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This October, award-winning author Christopher Golden brings his "Shadow Saga" characters to DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #5. Golden is well known to comics fans for writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Batman, The Crow, Shi, Hellboy, Spider-Man, and Wolverine/Punisher. "The Shadow Saga" is Golden's award winningthree-volume novel series from Ace Books.

Artist Rich Bonk, whose credits include Witchblade, Spawn: Dark Ages,Ascension, and The Darkness, joins Golden on "The Hustler: A Shadow Saga Story," appearing in the all-Halloween issue of DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #5.

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #5 sports an Eric Powell wraparound covershowcasing his creator-owned character, "The Goon." Powell, inker of The Hood and The Incredible Hulk, also creates a special "Goon" story in the acclaimed anthology.

Rounding out the spooky issue are five other stories. In the secondinstallment of "Amber and Alley," Joe Morris, Hannu Lipponen, and Ron Riley continue the tale of the small town duo's fight against evil. The team of Kel Nuttall and Yildiray Cinar explore the danger of knowledge in "Truth & Consequences," while Jeremy K Fiest, Ray Dillon and James Taylor serve up the sweet taste of fear in "I Scream, You Scream." A supernatural mystery begins in "Flick: What a Wonderful World," by Glenn Jeffers, Ande Rummel, and G.W. Fisher. Finally, Sean Dulaney and Jason Ho document a horrifying investigation in "F.N. Stein: Consulting Detective."

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #5 ($2.95 US) is solicited in August Previews (item # AUG02 2036) for a October release.

Also available in October is ARCHEON #1/#2, a "flip book" containing two full issues in one adventure-sized package. Originally published by Xane Comics, the epic fantasy ARCHEON now appears under the new Digital Webbing publishing banner.

ARCHEON #1/#2 ($3.99 US) is solicited in August Previews (item # AUG02 2037) for a October release.

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