"Nothingface" and "Zombie Highway" coming from Digital Webbing this November

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HAVERHILL, MA – A man without a true face of his own, "NOTHINGFACE" Jon Novak has the ability to take the forms of others, and with their faces, he often takes on their memories and emotions as well. Villain or victim, their pain… their nightmares… become his.

The NOTHINGFACE original graphic novel is by writer Kel Nuttall and artist Yildiray Cinar, with a cover by Ben Templesmith (30 DAYS OF NIGHT). The 96-page volume also contains three backup stories providing additional insight on the characters, with art by Ryan Scott, Dan Schmidt, and Postic & Marinkovich (UNDERWORLD).

"I can't seem to help turning my characters into flawed, damaged people," explains Nuttall. "Maybe putting them through hell is just cheaper than therapy. In Novak's case, his emotional upheaval is partially related to what really sets him apart – his ability to change forms."

"There are only two forms he can hold indefinitely. One is his 'nothingface,' but who wants to go around looking like a freak? The other is that of his father, who abused and hated him from birth," continues Nuttall.

"Anyone who likes their private eye action with inner conflict, unrequited love, and a supernatural slant is going to dig NOTHINGFACE!" say Nuttall of the book Silver Bullet Comic Books calls "a quality suspense thriller with a cinematic noir to it!"

Also released in November is the ZOMBIE HIGHWAY trade paperback, collecting the first three issues of the independent horror thriller.

In ZOMBIE HIGHWAY, four friends take things in stride when half the people around them are turning into zombies. Mouse, Kuji, Tag, and Yeti are taking a mysterious stolen package cross country and they're not going to let cops, zombie lesbians, or a charming psycho with a pregnant zombie lover stop them!

Writer Jason Pell explains the genesis of ZOMBIE HIGHWAY: "I'd been thinking about the moment when begins the slow transformation into a zombie, and inevitably, there's a friend or loved one unwilling to accept that fact. It seems like every zombie flick starts the same way. Some horribly disfigured corpse lurches towards the victim and all the victim can stare in disbelief."

"Skip all that, and you'll understand what ZOMBIE HIGHWAY is about. The characters are survivors at the core; they adjust to the current undead crisis and move on. Very little 'Woe is me, woe to the human race.'"

Pell is joined by artists Roberto Viacava and Eduardo Bazan. "They make the material infinitely richer," says Pell. "I'm constantly surprised at how frightening or flat-out hilarious they make every moment."

ARMY OF DARKNESS artist Nick Bradshaw provides a spectacular cover.

NOTHINGFACE GRAPHIC NOVEL (96 pages, full color cover, b/w interiors, $12.95 US) is solicited in September's PREVIEWS (SEP04 2621) for a November release.

ZOMBIE HIGHWAY GRAPHIC NOVEL (96 pages, full color cover, b/w interiors, $12.95 US) is solicited in September's PREVIEWS (SEP04 2622) for a November release.

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