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Sometimes a piece of art crosses my desk that's just too cool to sit on. And since the awesome Adam Kubert was nice enough to reach back into his files and share this with me, I thought I'd keep the love going and send it forth into the world. It's a shot of Juggernaut from ULTIMATE X-MEN #8, which is the second chapter of "Return to Weapon X." Scheduled to hit the stores on July 18th, it's written by Mark Millar, penciled by Mr. Kubert, and inked by Art Thibert.

Here's a JPEG of the art... and Adam's very own thoughts on it!

[Ultimate Juggernaut]"The Ultimate Universe is a place where Marvel characters are (in the exact words by scribe Mark Millar) 'tweaked for ultimate coolness...' (Lucky for me, I can read and speak Scottish fluently). The UU is where the characters are updated -- somehow cooler, younger, sleeker and without baggage. I'm given the keys to the Marvel character vault and can pretty much do what I want. And yes, I check the bottom of my shoes daily.

Ultimate Juggernaut is obviously based on the MU version with some changes. Because he's a Weapon X Operative, I decided to give him regular army issue camo pants with army boots. I figured no costume could withstand the full punishment of a day with Juggs and that the army would give him something that would be easy to replace.

I Ultimatized his MU helmet into a chest/helmet combo thing which resembles an 'X' (doesn't everything these days?). This will be made of a black metal alloy and textured up with various dents and scratches... again thinking about the punishment it'll have to take. I also drew in some small rivet type holes which will glow red to give it a slight techy feel, not to mention how great he'll look in the dark. The wrist bands also follow the helmet motif.

I dropped the mouth/eye holes and opted for a thin red visor. I think this gives him an almost executioner type feel which I kinda liked. And we'll still be able to see his shifty eyes through the visor for close-ups.

I'd have to say that Juggernaut is one of my favorite Marvel characters which made it even more difficult to redesign. I hope you like what I did with him... and.. oh yeah. Almost forgot. That limp lump of mutant that Juggernaut is holding is Colossus in human form. I think it's safe to say that Juggs knocked the living metal right out of him! Ultimate coolness.

Back to drawing,

Adam Kubert"

How cool was that? Straight from the man himself!

'Nuff Said!Bill RosemannMarketing Communications ManagerMarvel Comics

Source: Marvel Comics

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