"Nothing Better" debuts!

Official Press Release

dementian comics is proud to announce a new continuing series byEisner-nominated creator Tyler Page.

"Nothing Better" is the story of odd-couple college roommates Katt and Jane.Katt is an atheist attending a Lutheran college because it has a good artprogram, while Jane, the pseudo-Christian, is beginning to question herbeliefs for the first time. This is a story about life in college: friends,parties, late night talks, love, sex, pizza, tests, bad cafeteria food andfiguring out who you are. It's the best time of your life... or is it?

"Nothing Better #1" is listed in the September issue of Previews under'dementian comics' on page 258, order code SEP052879.

Promotional packages containing the complete first three issues and a postershould be arriving in your mail soon. If you do not receive these in themail, PDFs are available on our website at www.stylishvittles.com under the'Retailer Resources' section for download.

The first issue of "Nothing Better" will ship November 2nd and the serieswill be published on a six week schedule, ten issues a year. "NothingBetter #1" is 32 pages, black-and-white, with a color cover for $2.95.

Visit www.stylishvittles.com for more information.

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