NOTG: Snyder, Francavilla Tease New Project with Chilling Image

Known for crafting such titles as Severed and Wytches, writer Scott Snyder is no stranger to horror comics. In March, Snyder teased a new project simply known as NOTG, which he would create with his Detective Comics and Swamp Thing collaborator Francesco Francavilla. Now, Snyder has teased the project again, this time a particularly creepy image.

Uploaded yesterday on Snyder's Twitter, the image from Francavilla features a seemingly human figure standing before an empty background, it head covered in shadows. But as viewers will be quick to notice, the figure's hand possesses long, bony claws instead of fingers.

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Above the figure, the project's title logo hovers in front of the shadows covering the figure's head, with Snyder and Francavilla's names above that, evoking a classic horror movie poster feel. In the above tweet, Snyder merely tells followers there's more to come soon.

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While Snyder doesn't go into a lot of detail regarding this project, the image shows that he and Francavilla might be putting together a truly nightmarish story. Given how Snyder co-created The Batman Who Laughs in Dark Nights: Metal and gave fans an even more disturbing take on the Joker in the Death of the Family storyline, it also shows that Snyder hasn't lost his touch for scaring readers.

Created by Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla, the new project does not yet have a release date.

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