Not-So-Great Moments in Avengers/X-Men History - Quicksilver's Sole Star of Shame

This month is the 50th anniversaries of both the X-Men and the Avengers. Each day I'm spotlighting a cool comic book moment from either the Avengers or the X-Men but I thought it is only fair to spend a little time on the NOT so cool moments in each of their histories. So throughout the month I'll occasionally spotlight some of the more embarrassing moments from Avengers and X-Men history.

Today, we look at the 1972 Marvel "measurement of importance" and see how Quicksilver was specifically pointed out in a negative fashion.


Sean Howe had this on his awesome Tumblr.

Some time in 1972, Stan Lee put on a memo for some reason detailing the various Marvel characters and ranked them based on how important they were to the company. Three stars was very important, two stars was important and one star was not very important.

The Avengers as a whole was very important, and the Big Three (Iron Man, Cap and Thor) were all very important. The other members of the team, though, were just important....except for Quicksilver...

Yep, out of 55 individual characters listed on the memo, Quicksilver was one of only four characters to be deemed "not very important," along with such luminaries as the Watcher, the Ringo Kid and the original, Western Ghost Rider.

How awkward.

At least Quicksilver can point to the fact that unlike Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Wasp, the Vision and many more characters on the list, he actually eventually received his own ongoing series...

So suck it, Beast, Vision and Scarlet Witch!

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