Not Following My Own Rules

I was reading this week's Perhapanauts Annual #1, and considering doing a review on it. At the time, I considered, "Would I recommend this comic?" Ultimately, I figured I would not. I liked the comic okay, but it really was not good enough for me to say it was actually GOOD, or that I would recommend other people to read it (mostly because it seemed like it spent way too much of the comic re/introducing the cast - I bet the ongoing series will be a lot better).

As I've said in the past, a "Recommended" review from me is not me saying that I liked the comic book. It is me saying that I think the comic is "good," and that most people would (should?) enjoy it. I "like" plenty of books that aren't good, and sometimes I don't particularly like books that I think ARE good (that happens a lot less frequently). However, when I found myself thinking that I would not recommend the Perhapanauts Annual #1, it occurred to me that how could I not recommend Perhapanauts Annual #1, but give New Exiles #2 a slight recommendation? New Exiles #2 was basically in the same class of comic - a pretty good comic book. I should not have recommended it, and I've since edited it in to the review. So, sorry about that folks! Not a big deal, I know, but it irked me, so I figured I'd mention it. I'll try to avoid such errors in the future!

A Walk Through Hell #6

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