Not Even Spielberg Could Get the Rights For a 'Last Starfighter' Remake

If you were hoping to see a The Last Starfighter remake or sequel, don't hold your breath. According to Seth Rogen and screenwriter Garry Whitta, the rights are a mess.

Slashfilm took notice of a Twitter conversation sparked after Whitta tweeted the Modern Trailer for the 1984 space opera (below).

One of the most interesting pieces of information came from Rogen, who said that even the director of E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind couldn't get it done.

"Spielberg himself told me he couldn't get the rights after I told him how long I'd tried," Rogen wrote. He explained that The Last Starfighter screenwriter Jonathan R. Betuel "has the rights and won't budge."

What's all the fuss about? Directed by Nick Castle (The Boy Who Could Fly), The Last Starfighter is about a kid who discovers that the arcade game he excels at is actually a training program for an intergalactic war.

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