Nostalgia November Day 12 -- Transformers #63

Each day in November, I will read and review/discuss/whatever one comic taken from a box of some of my childhood comics. Today, it's Transformers #63.

The Nostalgia November archive can be found here.

Transformers #63 by Simon Furman and Jose Delbo is part two of the five-part "Matrix Quest" that has the Autobots and a group of Decepticons led by Lord Thunderwing searching for the Matrix, which was lost in space at some point. Really, this issue is just a story about three Autobots on an alien planet seemingly rescuing a group of persecuted aliens from death only for it to be revealed later that the seemingly innocent aliens were actually evil. Honestly, there's not much more to this issue. So, a few quick thoughts:

* The aliens they rescue are human-like, bald, and have pointy ears... when their true form is revealed, they have squid faces and giant eyes and look creepy... is it not possible for creepy-looking aliens to be nice and sweet?

* This issue gives me no idea of how Thunderwing is different from any of the other Decepticon leaders.

* They say the Matrix was lost when Optimus Prime's old body was blown up? What happened to Rodimus Prime? Man, they need to take better care of that Matrix.

* Optimus Prime dives into some well in this issue that gives him visions... none of them good news.

* Apparently, it's somehow shameful that these Autobots secretly long for peace and tranquility rather than constant hardship and battle.

* I preferred Delbo's art on the previous issue that I read. His robots often look too short -- their legs not in proportion to the rest of their body. You can see that on the cover with Thunderwing.

Next week, I'll do #64, part three of the "Matrix Quest" as part of "Transformers Thursdays"...

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