Northstar to <i>officially</i> get a boyfriend (plus a little somethin'-somethin')

Although I was vaguely aware the second issue of the X-Men anthology miniseries Nation X will feature a Northstar story by Young Bottoms in Love creator Tim Fish, I had no idea until today it could mark a milestone in the history of Marvel's most prominent gay character.

Since his ham-fisted outing in 1992, Northstar has been given a mystery illness, revealed as a half-elf, ignored by writers for long periods and, in what's certainly some sort of record, killed off in three timelines in the span of a month.

What he hasn't been, at least not officially, is one-half of a romantic couple.

Sure, we were introduced in April's Uncanny X-Men #508 to Kyle, whose presence implied he was Northstar's boyfriend. It was a significant leap for the Marvel Universe version of the character -- in the Ultimate Universe, Northstar dated Colossus -- who, when not getting killed, has been depicted as either asexual or (at least briefly) crushing on a fiercely heterosexual Iceman. But readers were left to make the connection themselves between Jean-Paul and his smiling companion.

That's set to change in Nation X #2, which promises to clear up any ambiguity about their relationship. What's more, Jean-Paul may finally -- finally! -- be shown getting a little lovin'.

The four-issue anthology, which debuts this week, focuses on how the X-Men are adjusting to their new island home off the coast of California. In his eight-page story in Issue 2, Fish focuses on how living on the island is affecting Northstar's relationship with Kyle. Y'know, his boyfriend.

"This story might be a first," Fish wrote  recently on his blog. "Northstar introduces Kyle as his BF and they have implied sex (no, nothing like the Hank Pym/Wasp thing!)."

That "Hank Pym/Wasp thing" is, of course, a reference to the infamous, and cringe-inducing, 2003 sex scene from The Avengers #71, by Geoff Johns and Steve Sadowski. You may not want to click that link.

Nation X #2 is set for release either Jan. 6 or Jan . 13, depending upon whom you believe.

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