CBR EXCLUSIVE: Norman Reedus Tests Military Weapons on AMC's Ride

Fans of The Walking Dead -- and Norman Reedus, in general -- are probably already familiar with Ride with Norman Reedus, a show that certainly lives up to its title. Now on its second season, Ride features Daryl Dixon on his off hours, speeding across roads around the world on badass motorcycles while accompanied by notable actor and musician friends.

In a new CBR exclusive clip, Reedus and his Episode Four guest, Aimee Nash, head out to the desert to an army testing facility, where they get to try out a number of weapons and gadgets with complex names too difficult to type out. Watch the video below to see Reedus fire a hefty rifle at targets instead of zombies for a change.

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The wireless night vision lens definitely looks like it would be useful in the war with Negan and the Saviors over on The Walking Dead, but it's probably safe to guess that Daryl will be sticking to his crossbow for the time being.

In the new episode, "New Mexico: White Sands," Reedus and Nash "take a ride from Albuquerque to White Sands, New Mexico, where they ride zip lines, eat chili, and test out government grade weapons."

Ride with Norman Reedus airs Mondays at 9/8c on AMC.

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