Norman Osborn's Identity Crisis Continues in Absolute Carnage Video Series

As Absolute Carnage nears its halfway point, Marvel Comics has released a new animated short focusing on Norman Osborn and the battle for his own fractured identity.

Picking up from the cliffhanger ending of the previous video in the tie-in short series, Norman Osborn plunges into the sewers of New York City after a confrontation with his son, Harry. Sensing Norman's dormant psyche reviving, the Carnage symbiote threatens to leave the delusional Spider-Man villain as he still believes he is actually Cletus Kasady.

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Following Norman's time bonded to the Carnage symbiote to reinvent himself as the Red Goblin, the villain's mind snapped, causing him to believe he was the infamous serial killer. Despite Cletus himself freeing Norman from the Ravencroft Institute, Norman has remained stubborn in believing himself to be the other homicidal character.

Marvel launched the animated video series shortly after the publication of Absolute Carnage #1 last month to help expand Norman's role in the crossover event. With Norman appeasing the Carnage symbiote by murdering two hapless sanitation workers within the sewers, it appears the one-time Green Goblin won't be reclaiming his true identity anytime soon.

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Absolute Carnage #3 is written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Ryan Stegman. It is scheduled to go on sale Sept. 18 from Marvel Comics.

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