Artist Norm Breyfogle Passes Away at Age 58

Famed Batman artist Norm Breyfogle passed away this weekend. The details of Breyfogle's passing are being kept private for the moment, but the comics community has come out in force via social media to celebrate the artist's years of influential work.

Breyfogle's name is synonymous with Batman. His early work consisted of providing art for titles like American Flagg and Marvel Fanfare, but in 1987 he was recruited by DC Comics to revive the Detective Comics brand. Breyfogle would go on to draw Batman for six years and was instrumental in redesigning Robin in 1990. During his time drawing Batman, Breyfogle also helped to co-create villains like the Ventriloquist and Scarface alongside Alan Grant.

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From DC Comics, Breyfogle moved on to Malibu Comics, where he provided art for the Prime series. In 1994, Breyfogle penned and illustrated his own creator-owned series Metaphysique, a series about six people who unwittingly become involved in a mad scientist's plan to become a god. The six-issue series mixed eclectic themes like the mystical, virtual reality and the superhero genre.

Breyfogle would go on to pencil series like Shadow of the Bat, Anarky, Batman: The Abduction, Superman, Batman: Dreamland and The Spectre, among others. Aside from the visual arts, Breyfogle was also a novelist and a poet, penning more than 1,300 haikus as part of a five-month marathon at one point.

In light of the loss, many creators in the comics industry have come forward to express their condolences and share fond memories of Breyfogle.

Breyfogle suffered a stroke in 2015, after which he opened a crowdfunding campaign to help cover his medical expenses and the cost of ongoing treatment, which was estimated to be as high as $200,000, according to Paste Magazine. The Hero Initiative is a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping comic book creators pay such medical fees in times of crisis.

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