Comic Legends: When Norm Breyfogle Sold Marvel a Batman Comic Story

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Norm Breyfogle sold Marvel Comics a Batman comic book story.



Tragically, beloved comic book artist Norm Breyfogle passed away this week. He was one of the greatest Batman artists of all-time and certainly one of my favorites (I have an original Breyfogle Batman page in my collection).

Reader John L. wrote in to suggest that I feature a Breyfogle legend this week about an amazing story that Breyfogle did early in his career.

The great Daniel Best, who was a great friend to Breyfogle, covered this story on his website years ago.

Early in his career, before Breyfogle was hired by DC Comics to actually draw Batman, he tried to sell them a short Batman story that he wrote and drew about a criminal who takes two kids hostage. The one kid is bullying the other one. Batman shows up and because of the proximity of the kids to the bad guy, he made a point to not use any of his weapons. Instead, he used his ingenuity and his fighting skills to take the bad guy down. The kids bond over the experience together and later, we see that they were inspired by the experience and so the brawnier kid is now studying more and the brainier kid is now working out.

DC turned the story down. Breyfogle then brought the story to Al Milgrom, who purchased the comic for Marvel Fanfare. Breyfogle just literally cut the Batman figures out and then replaced them with Captain America figures (except for the panels where that was impossible, so Breyfogle would just drop those panels entirely and re-draw them.

Here is the final product, which appeared in Marvel Fanfare #29...

Here is the "brains and brawn" stuff...

Isn't that amazing?

Daniel shared a few pages of the original art (the Batman figures Breyfogle cut out were thrown out, so they're lost forever)...

So cool! Click on the link to Daniel's site to get more pages.

Boy, Breyfogle was an amazing talent. It's such a tremendous loss for the comic book community as a whole to lose him so young.

Thanks to John for the suggestion and thanks to Daniel for the information!

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