Nominees announced for Angouleme comics festival

The 42nd Angouleme International Comics Festival is coming up Jan. 29, and over the Thanksgiving holiday organizers announced the nominations for the four juried prizes: the Sélection Officielle (the general category), Sélection Jeunesse (young people), Sélection Patrimoine (classics and reprints) and Sélection Polar (mysteries and thrillers).

Angouleme lives up to the "international" part of its name, as many of the selections were first published in English, including Chris Ware's Building Stories, Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' Saga, and Jillian and Mariko Tamaki's This One Summer.

See the full list below.

La Sélection Officielle

• L'Arabe du Futur, Vol. 1, by Riad SattoufAutel California, Vol. 1: Treat Me Nice, by Nine AnticoBarthélemy, L’Enfant sans Âge by Simon RoussinBeta… civilisations, Vol. 1, by Jens HarderBlast, vol. 4: Pourvu que les Bouddhistes se Trompent, by Manu LarcenetBuilding Stories, by Chris WareCalavera [Sugar Skull], by Charles BurnsCet Été-là [This One Summer], by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian TamakiLe Chef de Nobunaga, Vol. 4, by Takurô Kajikawa and Mitsuru Nishimura• L'enfer en bouteille, by Suehiro MaruoHommes à la mer, by Riff Reb'sJulio [Julio's Day], by Gilbert HernandezK.O à Tel-Aviv, Vol. 2, by Asaf HanukaLastman, Vol. 6, by Balak, Mickaël Sanlaville and Bastien VivèsLittle Tulip, by François Boucq and Jérôme CharynLocke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha et Oméga, by Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe HillLove in Vain, by Mezzo and Jean-Michel Dupont• Lune l'envers, by BlutchMagasin Général, Vol. 9: Notre-Dame-des-Lacs, by Régis Loisel and Jean-Louis TrippMax Winson, Vol. 1: La tyrannie, by Jérémie MoreauMes cent démons ! [One Hundred Demons], by Lynda BarryModerne Olympia, by Catherine MeurisseUn océan d'amour, by Grégory Panaccione and Wilfrid LupanoL'or et le sang, Vol. 4: Khalil, by Merwan, Fabien Bedouel, Maurin Defrance and Fabien NuryPanthère, by Brecht Evens• Que la bête fleurisse, by Donatien MarySaga, Vol. 3, by Fiona Staples and Brian K. VaughanSukkwan Island, by Ugo BienvenuSunny, Vol. 1, by Taiyô MatsumotoUlysse, les chants du retour, by Jean HarambatVermines, Vol. 1: Le retour de Pénélope, by Guillaume Guerse and Marc PichelinLes vieux fourneaux, Vol. 1: Ceux qui restent, by Paul Cauuet and Wilfrid Lupano• Voir des baleines, by Javier de Isusi• Vous êtes tous jaloux de mon jetpack [You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack], by Tom GauldYekini, le roi des arènes, by Lisa Lugrin and Clément Xavier

Au pays des lignes, by Victor HussenotBoule à zéro, Vol. 3: Docteur Zita, by Ernst and ZidrouLégendes de la garde, Vol. 3: La hache noire [Legends of the Guard, Vol. 3: The Black Axe], by David PetersenPasse-passe, by Dawid and Delphine CuveeleQuatre sœurs, Vol. 2: Hortense, by Cati Baur and Malika FerdjoukhLes royaumes du Nord Vol. 1, by Clément Oubrerie and Stéphane MelchiorCaterina, Volume One: Le gang des chevelus, by Alessandro TotaEmile et Margot, Volume Four: Merci les montres!, by Olivier Deloy, Anne Didier and Olivier MullerHilda et le chien noir [Hilda and the Midnight Giant], by Luke PearsonKarton, Volume One: Taméus Trognebarde, by Uwe Heidschötter and Patrick WirbeleitSeven Deadly Sins, Vol. 5, by Nabaka SuzukiLe temps des mitaines, by Anne Montel and Loïc Clément

Pogo, Vol. 1, by Walt KellySan Mao, le petit vagabond, by Zhang LepingSandman, Vol. 4, by Neil Gaiman and othersSex & Fury, by Bonten TarôGilles la jungle, by Claude CloutierGreen Lantern & Green Arrow, by Neal Adams and Dennis O'NeilHistoire de la Sainte-Russie, by Gustave DoréLa malédiction de Rascar Capac, Vol. 1, by Hergé and Philippe GoddinCapitaine Albator Intégrale, by Leiji MatsumotoDaredevil par Frank Miller, by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson

Fatale, by Max Cabanes and Doug HeadlineGotham Central, Vol. 1, by Michael Lark, Ed Brubaker and Greg RuckaMoi, assassin, by Keko and Antonio AltarribaPetites coupures à Shioguni, by Florent ChavouetWet Moon, Vol. 1, by Atsushi Kaneko

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