Nominees announced for 2012 Ignatz Awards

The nominees were announced for the 2012 Ignatz Awards, which will be presented during the Small Press Expo, held Sept. 15-16 in Bethesda, Maryland.

Named in honor of the brick-wielding mouse in George Herriman’s Krazy Kat strip, the awards recognize achievement in comics and cartooning. Nominees are selected by a panel of five cartoonists -- this year it was Edie Fake, Minty Lewis, Julia Wertz, Dylan Meconis and Lark Pien -- and then voted on by SPX attendees.

The nominees are:

Outstanding Artist• Marc Bell – Pure Pajamas (Drawn & Quarterly)• Inés Estrada — Ojitos Borrosos (Self-published)• Jaime Hernandez — Love and Rockets: New Stories (Fantagraphics)• Craig Thompson — Habibi (Pantheon)• Matthew Thurber — 1 800 Mice (Picturebox)

Outstanding Anthology or CollectionBig Questions, Anders Nilsen (Drawn & Quarterly)• Hark! A Vagrant, Kate Beaton (Drawn & Quarterly)• The Man Who Grew His Beard, Olivier Schrauwen (Fantagraphics)• Nobrow #6, Various artists (Nobrow)• Ojitos Borrosos, Inés Estrada (Self-published)

Outstanding Graphic NovelBig Questions, by Anders Nilsen (Drawn & Quarterly)• Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland, by Harvey Pekar and Joseph Remnant (Top Shelf)• My Friend Dahmer, by Derf Backderf (Abrams ComicArts)• Troop 142, by Mike Dawson (Secret Acres)• A Zoo in Winter, by Jiro Taniguchi (Fanfare/Ponent Mon)

Outstanding Story1 800 Mice, by Matthew Thurber (Picturebox)• "Keith or Steve,” Mome #22, by Nick Drnaso (Fantagraphics)• Lucille, by Ludovic Debeurme (Top Shelf)• "Return to Me,” Love & Rockets: New Stories #4, by Jaime Hernandez (Fantagraphics)• "The Weeper,” Papercutter #17, by Jason Martin and Jesse Reklaw (Tugboat Press)

Promising New Talent• Lauren Barnett — Me Likes You Very Much (Hic & Hoc Publications)• Clara Besijelle — The Lobster King (Self-published)• Tessa Brunton — Passage (Sparkplug Books)• Lila Quintero Weaver — Dark Room: A Memoir in Black and White• Lale Westvind — Hot Dog Beach (Self-published)

Outstanding SeriesBlack Mass, by Patrick Kyle (MOther Books)• EOTMC, by Leslie Stein (Self-published)• Ganges, by Kevin Huizenga (Fantagraphics)• Love and Rockets: New Stories, by the Hernandez Brothers (Fantagraphics)• Pope Hats, by Ethan Rilly (AdHouse Books)

Outstanding ComicHot Dog Beach #2, by Lale Westvind (Self-published)• Passage, by Tessa Brunton (Sparkplug Books)• Pterodactyl Hunters, by Brendan Leach (Top Shelf)• The Sixth Gun #17, by Brian Hurtt and Cullen Bunn (Oni Press)• Pope Hats #2, by Ethan Rilly (AdHouse Books)

Outstanding Mini-ComicThe Death of Elijah Lovejoy, by Noah Van Sciver (2D Cloud)• Hypnotic Induction Technique, by Grant Reynolds (Self-published)• The Monkey in the Basement and Other Delusions, by Corinne Mucha (Retrofit Comics)• Ramble On #2, by Calvin Wong (Self-published)• RAV #6, by Mickey Zacchilli (Self-published)

Outstanding Online ComicAmazing Facts...and Beyond! with Leon Beyond, by Dan Zettwoch and Kevin HuizengaBlack Is the Color, by Julia Gfrorer:Lucky, by Gabrielle BellStarslip, by Kris StraubSuperMutant Magic Academy, by Jillian Tamaki

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