Nolan &amp; Chuck Flying With <i>Superman</i>?

It's already well known that Christopher Nolan is producing the new Superman movie with brother Jonathan and Batman Begins writer David Goyer tackling the script, but what isn't known is who will end up directing the picture. Recent rumors pegged Chris Columbus for the job, but now new sources are suggesting that Jonathan Nolan himself might get behind the lens for the Man of Steel's next big screen voyage.

Geek Tyrant has the rumor, citing unnamed sources that claim Nolan has been on the Warner Bros. studio lot working on "pre-development stuff" for the new Superman movie. Further, Geek Tyrant states that auditions are currently underway for the new Man of Tomorrow, with Chuck actor Zachary Levi one of the names being considered at the moment. If true, this wouldn't be the first time Levi's name has come up in connection with a superhero role, as the actor previously stated that he auditioned for Thor and ultimately lost the role of Fandral the Dashing due to scheduling conflicts.

For now, take these names as rumors — but how would you feel about Jonathan Nolan and Zachary Levi being the new director-actor pair for Superman's next cinematic adventure?

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