Noelle Stevenson Steps Down From "Lumberjanes"

BOOM! Studios breakout series "Lumberjanes" will continue without one of its co-creators. Noelle Stevenson announced Monday on Twitter that she's leaving as lead writer of the series, "at least for the time being," with issue #17, expected for release in August. Shannon Watters will remain as co-writer, joined by series newcomer Kat Leyh, of webcomic "Supercakes."

Leyh's first issue, "Lumberjanes" #18, has already been solicited for release in September.

"I'm very proud of the last arc. I just saw the art for #16 and [Brooke Allen] and [Maarta Laiho] have knocked it out of the park yet again!" Stevenson wrote. "I hope you'll pick up 'Lumberjanes' #16-17 to complete the Abigail arc. It's very close to my heart."

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Stevenson is currently writing "Runaways" for Marvel, and her comic "Nimona" is in development as an animated film at Fox Animation.

"Lumberjanes" debuted in April 2014 as part of BOOM's BOOM! Box imprint. Created by Stevenson, Watters, Allen and Grace Ellis, the series -- set at a summer camp filled with supernatural occurrences, with an all-female cast -- quickly attracted critical acclaim and a vocal fanbase. A film based on the series is in development at 20th Century Fox, as part of BOOM! Studios' first-look deal with the studio.

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