Noel Clark Goes from "Doctor Who" to Titan Comics with Creator-Owned "The Troop"

You may know him best as Mickey Smith, the friend/love interest of former Doctor companion Rose Tyler, but "Doctor Who" actor Noel Clarke is hoping to make his name in another corner of the entertainment industry in 2016.

Launching this December, "The Troop" is an all-new, 5-issue series from TItan Comics, written by Clarke and illustrated by Joshua Cassara. The story focuses on a group of runaway teenagers who find each other and band together upon the discovery that they each have a different super power.

"This is the 'Game Of Thrones' of comic books!" Clarke said in the series' announcement. "Taking teen teams where they should, but have never dared to go before! In life shit happens. People F-up in many different ways and have to deal with that. In this book they will, except you'll see it in all it's punch-to-the-face glory!"

"The Troop" #1 debuts December 9.

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