Nocenti, McCarthy Resurrect Kirby's Klarion the Witch Boy for DC

DC Comics' New 52 gets a little bit darker in October as Ann Nocenti launches a new ongoing series starring "Young Justice" villain and Jack Kirby creation Klarion the Witch Boy. Joined by artist Trevor McCarthy, the writer is spinning tales of pagan and technological magic set in Gotham City, with a range of guest stars lined up, including the Spectre, the Demon and Zatanna.

Nocenti tells io9 that the creative team has plans for the book to be "layered in occult history." To that end, the pair will utilize the title's cast to flesh out the magical side of the DCU while asking whether Klarion -- and his familiar, Teekl -- is on the side of the angels or demons, a question complicated by the existence of two "schools" designed to recruit and use young magic wielders for their own purposes.

"Coal and the Necrots believe in the power of technology. Piper and Noah believe in the pagan power of the planet," Nocenti tells io9. "Coal has a heavy metal club, The Necropolitan, and techo and metal music are part of his power. There will be intense battles between these wizards, and all the characters have secrets. Deep secrets. Coal is a talented novice of Techno-Wizardry. He lives in a computer graveyard, a techno breeding ground. Coal needs technology to thrive and be powerful, just as Klarion needs the planet to be healthy in order for him to draw on his pagan powers. Coal and Klarion are in a battle for the health (or death) of the planet."

The ongoing "Klarion" begins to haunt Gotham City in October.

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