VIDEO: What Nobody Realized About Red Skull In Infinity War

Ross Marquand Red Skull

Thanos' meeting with Red Skull on Vormir was one of Avengers: Infinity War's most important events, as it saw the Mad Titan sacrificing Gamora so as to obtain the Soul Stone. Red Skull, also known as Johann Schmidt, revealed during that encounter that he was transported to and trapped on the planet following his attempt to use the Tesseract in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Although Infinity War didn't delve too deeply into what happened to the character following Thanos' snap, there's some indication that he might appear again in the future. Comments by directors Joe and Anthony Russo indicate that Red Skull survived the snap and is free to leave Vormir and pursue the Infinity Stones himself, meaning the character could still play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward. Additionally, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have expressed their appreciation for the character, indicating that they would like to continue writing him in the future.

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There's a lot to Red Skull's appearance in Infinity War and it might just tie into his future in the MCU. Check out the video below to find out more you might have missed.

First introduced in 1941's Captain America Comics #7, Red Skull was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. In the films, the character's distinctive appearance is the result of an early version of the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. As that version was flawed, Schmidt was disfigured. Although Hugo Weaving played the villain in Captain America: The First Avengers, he did not reprise his role for Infinity War. Weaving was replaced by Ross Marquand for the movie. If Red Skull returns in the future, it's unclear who might play the character, though it seems likely that Marquand will reprise the role.

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