Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!

If you're looking to blame someone for The Spanish Inquisition, point your finger at David Macho. In March, the Barcelona-based artists' representative will travel to New York City with five Spanish artists in tow. Relax - their purpose is not religious conversion. Instead, Macho is bringing his talented clients stateside for their own firsthand account of the American comic book industry they work in from afar.

While the title stays the same, Macho's roster for The Spanish Inquisition tour changes on a yearly basis. In the past, the line-up has included Jesus Saiz (artist, "The Brave & The Bold") and Fernando Blanco (penciler/inker, "Thunderbolts" / "Army of Darkness"), among others. This year, the traveling artists consist of Manuel Garcia (penciler, "Strange Adventures"), Fernando Dagnino (penciler, "Teen Titans"), Pere Perez (penciler/inker, "Adventure Comics"), Carlos Rodriguez (penciler, "Batman & The Outsiders") and Javier "Bit" Bergantiño (inker, "Vixen").

"Marvel and DC are in New York City," Macho told CBR News. "It's always good to bring creators that have never been in front of their bosses so they can meet each other and it's something that always makes the guys happy - being able to discuss their craft with editors or fellow creators. You always come back home with new ideas, willing to work even more, and understanding a bit more what [collaborators] want from you."

Macho is an established figure in the European comic book market as both an artists' representative and as the guest coordinator for Barcelona Comic Con. But Macho isn't a stateside stranger, either. The upcoming Spanish Inquisition is the sixth edition of the annual trip.

It's not just the editors at Marvel and DC Comics who will meet Macho's talented artists - the fans will have their shot as well. The Spanish Inquisition will be at Manhattan's Midtown Comics on Saturday, March 7 between 12:00 - 2:00 PM. All five artists will be on hand signing comic books for fans, providing an excellent opportunity for collectors looking to attain certain rare signatures.

"Miguel Garcia's first issue of 'Strange Adventures' will be released on March 4, so you can get him to sign that new book for you as an exclusive occasion," Macho said.

It's also a chance to get signatures from some artists who Macho insists will be making sizable splashes in the near future. According to Macho, the DC exclusive artist Fernando Dagnino is working on a new project that can't be discussed yet, and there are big plans for Pere Perez as well. "His next project involves a cape and an annual to be released in June," said Macho. "It hasn't been announced yet, but believe me, it's not small potatoes!"

Fans who attend the Midtown signing will leave with an added bonus - a totally free customizable drawing. "At the signing, we want to draw what the person asks for - not just something generic and say, 'Hey, go home with a Darkseid drawing even though you wanted Speedy Gonzales,'" said Macho. "We love what we do and we want the fans to go home happy, but of course, it's always easier for the artist to draw a character that he's already done."

The one word of advice Macho has for attendees? "If you want a jam drawing from all the guys, bring a big piece of paper and be patient!"

It certainly sounds like a busy week for the visiting artists, but Macho insists that they'll find time to take in the sights. "Pere and Manuel have been in town already, but there are some places that are a must see for the other guys," he said. "I'm pretty sure that Central Park, some of the museums, the Empire State Building and all those places will receive their deserved visits.

"Every single moment we get, I'll show the guys all that I can," he continues. "Even if I keep on working, it'll be a very special trip for them. After all, it's New York City, dammit!"

The Spanish Inquisition invades Midtown Comics from 12:00 - 2:00 PM on March 7, 2009. Midtown Comics is located in Times Square at 200 W. 40th Street on the corner of 7th Avenue.

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