Noble Causes #26 Review

When I was going to the Image Comics website to get the cover for this issue to post, I came across a very disappointing piece of info. "Featuring stunning artwork by guest artist TIM KANE!" I do not know if I would describe Kane's work as "stunning," but it was certainly a significant improvement over the art in the past few issues, so I was really hoping that Kane would be a permanent feature on the title, as that would be really good news. Alas, alack, Alaska.

At least we get ONE issue of good artwork! That's good news, right? Right?! Right?!?!

I'm not a big fan of amnesia plotlines, but the one in Noble Causes is particularly intriguing, because, in Liz Donnelly-Noble, we have a character who is living a life that is SO unbelievable that, if she were to forget it due to amnesia, how could she possibly believe it when you tell her? You wake up married to a pop idol - how can your brain possibly process that? It's a very intriguing story idea.

The main plot of the issue, though, revolves around Gaia's attempt to give the Nobles some good publicity, by having them defeat a monster that she conjured up. However, the monster is more powerful than she expected, and a lot of people get killed. That is a REALLY REALLY big deal, and I trust that Faerber will address the fact that a bunch of people getting killed due to a monster conjured up by Gaia for publicity.

Also, regarding her plan, when you're duplicating a plan that "poorly written by Jim Shooter" Hank Pym used, you know your family has some problems!

In any event, this issue also continues the subplot of Slate Blackthorne, and his continuing attempts to basically become a good guy, even though his family are evil. It is an interesting subplot, and I think the cliffhanger (which shows him getting even closer to Zephyr) will have some very interesting consequences in future issues.

Kane's artwork is very reminiscent of Mike Mignola's work, and it made for a very enjoyable viewing experience.

Something that bugs me a bit about Noble Causes, but something that I am sure (okay, I am not SURE, but I HOPE) that writer Jay Faerber will address, is the loss of life directly attributable to the Nobles. Be it the people who died in Rusty's tirade, or the people lost in Gaia's stunt this issue. I would hate to see these deaths be swept under the rug, or explained away somehow.

Anyhow, this issue had a number of interesting plots, and nice artwork by Kane.


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