Fox Developing Doctor Doom Movie by Legion/Fargo Creator

Noah Hawley has been busy. The writer and director wrapped up the third season of Fargo and first season of the X-Men­-adjacent Legion this year at FX. Now it seems like Hawley’s talents are set to expand beyond television, as he announced today at Comic-Con International in San Diego’s Legion panel that he is developing a Doctor Doom movie at Fox.

“Because I’m at Comic-Con, I wanted to let you know about a movie I’m developing for Fox,” Hawley said. “The first word is ‘Doctor.’ And the second is ‘Doom.'”

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Doctor Doom has been represented on-screen numerous times, most recently by the likes of Julian McMahon in 2005’s Fantastic Four and Toby Kebbell in the 2015 reboot by the same name. Unfortunately, Hawley left the movie announcement until the very end, dropping the news not unlike the post-credits stinger comic book movies have become known for. No timeframe or casting information accompanied the news.

Doctor Doom is the arch nemesis of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four superhero group. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in The Fantastic Four #5 in 1962. Doctor Doom’s origins have been revised numerous times, but he is the consistently depicted at the braggadocios ruler of a fictitious country named Latveria. Doctor Doom is highly intelligent and boasts a mastery of both science and magic, the two of which he frequently fuses with ease.

The full report from the Comic-Con Legion panel can be found here.

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