No Yoda Star Wars Spinoff Movie In Development, Claims Clone Wars Alum

While the Star Wars franchise may well be looking at various spinoffs and yes, sequels, it doesn't seem like the long-talked about Yoda solo adventure will be one of the projects that's taking priority.

According to Star Wars News, this tidbit comes thanks to someone who claims to be in the know: Tom Kane, the actor who voiced Yoda in The Clone Wars animated series which helped fill in the gap for the prequel trilogy.

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He did admit however there are at least nine separate Star Wars stories in development, including some character pieces, but alas the Master Jedi isn't one of them.

Recently, an Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff with Ewan McGregor has been talked up once more, while reports also suggest that a Boba Fett solo film is in the works. While all of this must be taken with a grain of salt, it does hint that Lucasfilm/Disney might be getting more picky with their spinoffs following the disappointing reception to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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As it stands, fans will just have to do with Yoda's cameo in The Last Jedi, and hope he comes back as a Force Ghost in Episode IX.

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